How my horrible beginning to 2024 turned into an opportunity

My 2024 started off not so well.

Jan 1st I went to the ER because of my chronic stomach pain - I was so tired of it by that point and I’m done being in pain.

Jan 2nd I took Kiera to the ER because she had Flu A and couldnt keep fluids down. A couple of days later, they admitted her in the hospital because she was losing weight.

Not long after that I had to take her to the ER again for ripping out her G-tube.

So plot twist, as it turns out my bad stomach pain is actually from my gall bladder, not my stomach as Ive been assuming with my history of ulcers. Sooo…

A couple weeks ago I met with a surgeon who told me how bad my gall stones were, asked about my symptoms, etc. Hes got me scheduled to have my gall bladder removed in less than 2 weeks. He says in my case it should drastically increase my quality of life. I’m literally counting down the days for my surgery.


It’s wonderful that you are on a path towards healing. Please keep us posted.

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That’s awesome @Sapphire! Hopefully the recovery goes well and your quality of life improves not only drastically but exponentially!

Keep us updated!

Dearest @Sapphire,

Simply sending thoughts your way as you are in this process. I don’t know if you’ve already done the surgery by now, but I’m hoping that it all goes well and ends up being a MASSIVE relief for you. You deserve so much to not have to deal with this pain all the time. :hrtlegolove:

Health battles are always difficult trust me I know from experience how difficult it can be, it seems as if the storm never stops roaring. The great thing is that every storm eventually gets quiet, so I just want to tell you to keep fighting
and know that hope is always alive! Good luck with your surgery!!!