How to become a part of our amazing Support Wall Action Teams "HOW TO SWAT"

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Hi All

There is no doubt about it, almost every single one of you here have been touched in some way by a member of our Support Wall Action Teams via a reply to one of your posts, whether its been during a group or outside of group time and its so important to have these groups that can come together and support eachother in supporting you.

These groups are like little families, we build bonds of trust and love, we look forward each week to getting together to read posts to talk about how we can respond and best help each person who’s posts we cover and its special, each persons post is special. I truly belive that each memeber also gets just as much encouragement, love and compassion being in our group enviroment responding to posts as we do giving it so its win all around.

We are getting more groups for this and more posts that need responding to and for that we need more people to help us to be able to take the time to keep doing this in the way we do. So we are asking if you feel like you can offer some love and kindness to others, (we are not therapists) we send love, encouragement and kindness. If you can do that too and you would like to come and spend an hour with Myself and Mystrose/Rosie in a one off HOW TO SWAT MEETING and talk more about swat learn even more, let us show you exactly what it entails in a chilled out enviroment, then please send us a message on here or on Discord and we will get back to you.

This is my passion and I will work around you in order to make this work.
in the meantime, know that you are loved and worthy and that everyone deserves to hear that.
Thank you for reading this

Lisalovesfeathers. :green_heart: