I actually have this song on repeat like half the

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Belongs to: Therapist Reacts to Yen by Slipknot
I actually have this song on repeat like half the time because I have a tendency to end up in abusive relationships so instead of being in relationships, I find controlled pain through BDSM because you’re right it gets to a point where we need the pain. And I do this until the need for it is gone. I grew up in trauma and have my bs in psych and I still have tons of work to do on myself. Look up maclaren hall lawsuit in la. That is only one example. But for me the well dressed people in suites not wearing mask are the dominant people and everyone wearing mask are the submissive in the slaves because we were beneath the dominance and our identities their identity they want us to have that’s what I get from that video and believe it or not it doing that helps me find myself forth after I leave an abusive relationship or get it to be around my family too muchI don’t understand how that works

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