I always like to return here

Hi everyone
I just want to say that i like to return here. I was just reading some things on the internet and and it reminded me how a lot of people are not mindful or respectful of others. The opposite. They act in mean rude and selfish ways not caring about what they say. People who go out of their way just to spit on someones opinion or something they like.

I am glad that people here are not like that. Some of you might think that you are not deserving or that you are bad but i dont think that is true. Bad people dont think they are bad and even if they do they dont think much of it. It is easier to hurt people than to heal them. Caring about how your actions impact others makes you… if not good person than at least better one.

I think it comes with suffering and pain. The understanding that there is enough pain missery and bitterness in the world and that is why we try to not bring any more and even tho we fail sometimes we still try. People here want to give support and love because there is not enough of it. That is why i like people here so much.

I want to thank you all who read this. You are great. This place can only be amazing because of you… people who make it amazing. Thank you so much.


Thank you for making it amazing too. You help make this place great too.


You’re such a treasure, @Ashwell. :hrtlegolove: I definitely share those feelings. It feels good to have a safe place to return to. Somewhere we know that people won’t be rude or disrespectul. It’s so easy to destroy, but as you said it takes effort to actually care and lift each other up.

Your contribution to make this place loving and safe is significant and your impact is real. You are entirely part of making this place what it is, and I’m grateful for you. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you both @Micro @Paladine
You are wonderful. I am glad that you are here. You always bring me support when i need it. I am grateful that you are both here. :blush:



I feel the same way you do. Looking for support for BPD is especially hard and every “wall” I found was just filled with so much dysfunction and confusion.

Not many people know about BPD here, but I’m accepted and loved. That’s all that matters and it’s the absolute best support I can have.

You’re such a loving person, Ash :hrtlegolove:


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