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I am a nothing

I am a mom of two a wife and keeping failing at everything i try i should be used to being a loser . The only thing i am proud of children which i feel i dont do good being there mom my husband is always mad . He comes home and the house is a.mess i work too and can never find the catch up with cleaning like a normal.person could. but i am not normal.i am a loser . I wish i was never born. I hate looking in the mirror i try to avoid it . .my husband keeps lookinh at other houses to by to move out . He would be fine without me . Everyone would . I dont want to be a burden anymore

Hey parenting isn’t either. Moms can even have it harder at times. Especially if youve gone through post partum depression at any time. The effects can stick with you for a while. But parenting is just stressful in general. Hoping your marriage improves. I’ve seen that it’s not easy to work alone in a marriage. Keeping the house up is a big job on its own that takes two people. It should not all be on you. I encourage you to keep going. You are not a loser. Im sure you are doing everything you can as a parent and wife. I would also encourage you and your spouse to seek marriage counseling. It honestly will help if you are both up for it. I will be here for more support if needed.

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Thank you I am so sad today this will help get me through the week I hope

Thank you I feel so stupid my heart is just broke I appreciate this thpugh

Im sorry you feel this way. I hope it helps

Gurl you need to stop calling yourself a loser, your not. I agree with fullthrottle take some marriage counseling. If your kids are old enough start making them clean up. chores, builds character. Also if your guy doesn’t want to do chores, maybe stay at home? hire a maid, or a nanny? staying in a unhealthy relationship like this isn’t going save you. It’ll bring you closer down the rabbit hole.

I have no one to go to as in my parents are both passed away my sister is busy with her own stuff . I am not sure where to go . I wish I could leave . I am tired of being a burden . Thank you for your encouragement . I have no one to talk to all friends are my husbands we only are around his family

Prayong for your situation. You’re welcome to pm me if you need to talk to someone

Hey @Sadmom,

You are a good mom, okay? You are not a loser at all. You’re trying your best with the resources you have for the moment. You are a human being. And you are assuming many different roles and responsibilities at the same time. It’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed and discouraged sometimes. But you are not nothing. You are wonderful. You are obviously dedicated to your family. But you also need to be gentle with yourself and let go the negative thoughts you’re having about yourself. You are not a burden at all.

If you don’t know where to go for the moment, then you are still here in this community. I know it doesn’t solve anything, but I hope you’ll feel safe enough to talk anytime you need. You are not alone. And we’ll be here to give you support as much as we can. :heart:

What do you think about what others mentioned here, about counseling? Would it be something that you could consider? It would be wonderful if you could give it a try. Whether it’s for you only, or for your husband and you. There are also resources on HS website and it could be worth to look at it:

This situation is not defining who you are. We all tend to think, when things go wrong, that it’s because of who we are. But it’s not. You’ll find some bright light again and your ideas will get clearer. Being a mom, being a wife, working and being a woman these days is a full-time job. You are strong. But it’s okay to rely on others when you need it. Hold fast, friend. :heart: