I AM a survivor

I’ve never finished anything I’ve ever wanted to accomplished. I allowed my depression to get in the way and have hid behind it as an excuse. I decided at the end of November that I was done hiding behind my depression. I set goals for my self. I am done running away from the things that I know I can accomplish. For my son but also for myself. I started college again 2 weeks ago and have a full schedule between working full time being a single full time mom and now a full time college student. I am honestly thankful for having found heart support because it has allowed me to express my fears without any shame. In doing so it has allowed me to accept that I can’t change what has happened to me but learn and grow from it. I struggle with stress and depression I know now that it’s okay. I stood in front of my class yesterday during a presentation, which I honestly have Severe anxiety about public speaking, and I conquered my fear. I had to say 3 positive things about myself and at first I didn’t know what to say and I honestly went into that presentation blind unprepared but as I stood in front of my classmates I realized I was strong and I survived so much for my son and that’s when I realized that I am strong. I am a survivor of my own demons and I am afraid of what’s to come but I know that if I’m here I can do anything. I have struggled for so long and allowed other díctate my life and my feelings.

I am a survivor of Domestic abuse and sexual Assault.

I am not saying I am 100% better because honestly I know that’s impossible. I will fall but what matters is getting back up. I know that bad things will happen but I have what’s I need in my life. My son, my family and most importantly I have my will to fight and accomplish what I set my goals to.


I’m so proud of you! This is such a cool message.

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So proud of you!!! Keep it up! Hold fast!

hey @Nitemarenati
It takes a lot of strength to get better! I’m so proud of you and your ability to keep going - you are working extremely hard and that’s very admirable! You’re gonna have days where you struggle, and just remember how far you have come. This community has got your back.
:heart: hold fast :heart: