I am alone, give me some advice

I am gonna be alone in next week for 90 days. Give me some advice . What should i do ? I am really a music lover, i want to read about philosophy. What else i can do while im alone ? How to feel myself good. Cause i am not really used to be alone. I dont want to be feel depressed.

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Hey how are you? Why will you be alone for 90 days? I would say take up hobbies that interest you such as with music. Do you play an instrument? Maybe use the 90 days to learn how to play. Video games are a decent way to pass time. I would also say do something that gets your endorphins going such as being active. 90 days van be a long time but if you stay busy it won’t be so bad. Hang in there.

I am feeling right, im playing guitar since 2 yrs. My school will be finished thats why i`ll be alone. Ty for advice.

Hey, try reading a book or two (Tuck Everlasting is a great one if you’re not sure) and make a list of 5 of your favorite albums so you can listen to them. And if you feel depressed, you can always make a post here and we’ll be around to help you.

Hang in there friend,

If you have any online friends https://www.rabb.it/ is a great place to hang out with both personal and online friends. Allowing you to chat and hang out in the same place while watching a movie or a favorite show. I enjoy doing this sometimes.

Video games are always an option. Alone or with friends.

Exercising! Exploring the outside. A new shop. Whatever it is that fits your hobbies and the things that you enjoy.

Reading is also an option! If you like fantasy fiction and heroic fantasy type kind of books I recommend The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I’m working threw this book myself right now. Someone suggested another book to me called The House Of Leaves. It seems really strange but interesting. I think it’s supposed to be some kind of thriller book. I honestly am not sure. But everyone that has told me about it says it’s good. Both of these books are thick, so there’s a lot of time that you can spend with those!

You play the guitar! That’s cool! You could record yourself playing some music. Write music or even stream yourself playing if you are up for that kind of thing (: Work on some covers of songs that you love.

Anyway, I hope that you find something that you enjoy to pass your time. I know being alone for so long can be lonely. But the forums and streams are there if you want to hang out and chat. Discord too!