I am currently 3-4 weeks free from marijuana an ev

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i am currently 3-4 weeks free from marijuana an everyday is a struggle to say no. i have plenty of opportunity around me to smoke and plenty of desire to match but every time i smoke i get lost in my head and i cant think clearly, not that i really can sober anyway but still… its difficult to not be high.

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

Thanks for sharing your concerns of being sober for marijuana. Everyone goes through a different journey. There are days that you might want to smoke. It’s okay to mess up sometimes when being sober. When you are sober, try to reward yourself that might help you be more motivated. You can ask yourself, “What hobbies or activities that I should do besides smoking weed?” I’m always here to support you no matter what situation that you are in.

Hello friend,

Thank you for sharing with us. First, I’d like to congratulate you on your progress. Making it 3-4 weeks marijuana free is an amazing accomplishment. I am proud of you for that, because, as you mentioned, it is a difficult thing to do. Do those around you know about your decision to stop smoking? I know from others that have quit that it can be helpful to have a support system that minimizes the temptation to smoke (so not smoking around you for example). Having to constantly face these opportunities and have the strength to say no is a great start. Also, are there any activities that you enjoy, that you can engage in as well, anything that can be a healthy distraction or clear your mind?

Ultimately, despite the difficulty and the challenges of quitting, you are doing well. Quitting is a journey, and each day that you stay sober, is a victory. :white_heart:

Hey friend,

Congrats on the 4 weeks free from marijuana. There is no doubt that this has been a strong decision for you to take and quite a challenging path to explore since then. It’s been very courageous of you to make this decision in the first place and to work on your own sobriety. It’s understandable that this new journey happens to be particularly difficult at times though. Especially when you are in environments where the substance you feel addicted to is very present and easy to reach. It adds even more layers of heaviness to the recovery itself.

As you’ve said though, you know how smoking affects you, and somehow this is something that you can hold on to. It can be a strengto carry on with you. This knowledge of what you don’t want in your life anymore, even if sometimes there might be this voice in side of your mind that tries to convince you to forget how it really was before stopping majiruana. It might try to paint this picture that it was better before. But you know deep inside why you made this decision, what brought you to it.

You can be proud of yourself for these weeks of sobriety - they are tangible proof of minutes, days and weeks you can spend not smoking, even when the temptation is high. You are actively proving to yourself that you can live without it, and that is such a strong experience to unfold for yourself. May you keep walking on a path the feels right and healing for you. We ar eall rooting for you here!