I am exhausted and frustrated

these past few days have been so exhausting.

it took me two years and an accident last friday, to get my parents to finally listen to me about the pain in my wrist. only for the one available doctor to be on vacation. i was so disappointed and frustrated, i still feel like crying when i think about it. but i’m wearing a bandage now that’s supposed to help me.

but what really put the icing on top was my mom telling me to lie to the doctor because the truth would make her and my dad “look bad.” the truth in question being that they ignored my complaints for years.

it’s not the first time this happened, either. in 2021 my dad lied to my psychiatrist about a supposed heart issue i have (i don’t), that would make
me unable to take the anti depressants i was being prescribed. in reality my mom just couldn’t get her shit together to let me do one final test i needed. no, instead she put me into a mental hospital because then she wouldn’t need to do shit and was out of her hair for a while.

which, maybe, wasn’t her thought process but it sure is what it felt and still feels like.

but if i bring any of this up, ever, it all gets turned around on me and suddenly i’m in the wrong and everything is my own fault.

and yesterday evening i had a small panic attack for the first time in a very long time, too. the reason why is unrelated to any of this but it really drained me of a lot of my energy in addition. it sucks.


From: ManekiNeko

I am so sorry that you voice hasn’t been heard and listened to. It’s so hard when the people we are dependant on turn our hurt into something small or tell us that we are dramatising what is really happening. It hurts. I’ve been there in my life and it took some time to find my own feet and be able to take care of myself away from those external voices. I can imagine how you’re feeling and how drained you are from what’s taken place. If anything I just want you to know you’re not alone and that you’re loved. You have a community here who does believe your pain


HeresA.Gun, I’m so sorry that it took having an accident to finally get your wrist looked at. I truly hope that you get the full treatment you need for it. That your parents are still not being real about your depression must be so frustrating. I don’t doubt it’s exhausting for you. I wish for you to get some rest. You are heard, you matter, you are loved.


Hi my Friend,
thank you so much for sharing and reaching out to us.
it is always hard to read things like that, how parents treat there children. you should get support from them, they
should here you on, they should listen to you and take you serious.
by myself, i struggle with acceptance with my issues by my family still. my mom has problems accepting it and keeping the boundaries that i set towards her, my dad still does not know.
you are not alone in this. we are here for you, we hope you will get the support you need this time.
i can see why you are exhausted by this. take your time, talk about it and reach out further if you don’t see any change by them now. try to calm down, breathe easy and give yourself the time you need now.
you are loved and you matter most ! :purple_heart:
feel hugged


Hi Friend.
I’m glad that you got something to help you with the pain in your wrist. I’m so sorry that it took so much time, pain and agony. I’m also sorry that your parents aren’t listening to your concerns. I know what it’s like to live in a situation like that. I can relate so much to what you’re going through. Please know that you’re always welcome here. You’re valued, loved and accepted here.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, I am so sorry that you have been having such a hard few days and I am incredibly sorry that you feel your parents do not listen to you when it comes to how you feel whether its due to mental or physical health. You are already aware that its not right to lie to the doctor about anything but unfortunately you ae in such a difficult situation. I hope you wont need to deal with this much longer friend, its no wonder you have had a panic attack, stress will do that to you. please try to take care of yourself and rest your mind as much as possible. Much Love Lisa. x