I am my own worst enemy

Me: I’m going to stop drinking so much, so I can lose weight.

Also Me: (drinks wine before 2pm.)

Hey @EyelessDoll,
I know the feeling, thinking that you’re going to start doing things differently from now on, and then just to turn around the next day and fall right back into the same routine. It’s tough. No one said changing your life is easy.
I just want to say that I hear you, and whatever happens in your life, we will be here to back you up!
And if you want a little encouragement, I’ll say this: A while ago there was a Heartsupport Stream on Twitch where they talked about baby steps. For one day, see if you can go 2 hours without drinking. The next day challenge that goal, go 4 hours.
If you keep making small steps, soon you’ll start to see real progress.
I hope this helps a little bit!



I have found that goals like this works better if you don’t buy the things you are trying to stay away from. If it’s not there, you aren’t as tempted by it. Or get rid of what you do have. Even if you give it to a friend or family member.

If you are serious about it that is. (:

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Hamsurai refered a Twitch stream and I agree it was really thoughtful.

Next time, let’s try not to drink before 4pm? :wink:

Take it easy, progressively. Habits are hard to change. It takes time. And sometimes giving ourselves a goal that is too high makes us miss it and get discouraged. When I was really struggling with eating disorders, I always had this resolution: “tomorrow I will/I won’t…”. But it was the perfect recipe to do the opposite in the end and being trapped in the same negative circle, again and again. Accepting that you can’t change everything in a day is part of healing, even if it’s frustrating for the moment.

You know what? You’ll get there. You are strong.

Hold fast. :heart:


xD It’s ok, sometimes we are aware of doing things that harms us and we want to stop yet we continue to do it because we are either viced or we think it’s doing us good, in someway. Me, for example, dropped cigarette around 7 years ago and recently picked it up again at the same time I started college, and I say I do it because of the stress, which may be truth, but still I hate it, yet I can’t stop smoking.

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Thank you all for your support and helpful tips! It’s encouraging knowing that others see the benefit in small steps. Whenever i try to make drastic changes, i get frustrated… or develop new vices. But today is a new day (:
Thanks for the advice. Wishing all of you the best!


IT is okay to have addictions. All that matters is that you are TRYING to beat them. Nobody can say they will stop an addiction and stop it without stumbling several times. It’s impossible. It takes time to c=form new habits. If you want advice, I recommend getting the thing that tempts you, out of reach. Get rid of the alcohol in your home and see if that helps. If not, you can always find something else to try. There’s no certain amount of time that you have to get over something that has taken a toll on your life. You are strong and you will beat this.