I am starting to hate this site

I can’t help but noticed that my posts gets ignored while everyone else’s gets interacted with.


Hey! I am really sorry you feel that way:( So many people post. It sucks there normally is only 1-3 replies to each post on average. But I see you, hope you are doing alright friend

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I’m sorry you feel that way. There are so many ppl and so many posts a day that ppl dont always see all of them or only reply to a few. I also posted something yesterday and only got 2 replys. That is about the average for each post. Occasionally there is a post with 6 or more replys but that is not the average. You are not alone thought and Me and cs15 are here.
You are valuable, you are beautiful, and you are loved.

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Hey Annie,

Sorry you feel this way about the wall. I went through your posts and I saw that all of the ones I looked at had at least one response. You have to remember that its not about the amount of responses you get, but the value of those responses. This website and the help received is not a competition or a popularity contest. You also have to remember that people who chose to respond are not forced to respond to certain posts if they do not want to, and if they chose not to it could be because of a plethora of reasons that doesn’t have anything to do with you as a person. I know you are going through alot, but try to remember its all about quality in the response, and not quantity.




I am sorry that you are feeling this way. It sucks to feel like you aren’t being seen, especially on a site like this that promises support and encouragement.

A few things to think about. 1. comparison is the thief of joy. I know it’s difficult but try not to compare yourself to others and the amount of responses their posts get. There are tons of factors that could play into the amount of responses a post gets. The time of day can have an impact, first time posters usually get a little more love and also people often find it easier to encourage people when they have had a similar experience. None of these factors have anything to do with YOUR value. You are worthy of love and care and like Justin said it’s not about the QUANTITY of responses but the quality. I hope that the responses you are receiving are quality.

If you are feeling like you need more encouragement then you are receiving here I encourage you to consider therapy or joining support groups. We have some accountability groups on discord that you could check out! You also will receive support on our Twitch streams at twitch.tv/heartsupport

I see you friend. Your voice matters and so does your pain. Sending love


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It was a bit more active when I was new here now it seems like I’m just complaining or whatever it is that turns people off from my posts and they become selective who they want to interact with. I have seen other people get like 15+ replies.

A lot of people have conversations in the replies, and we cant always expect to get a ton of replies on our posts. I’ve had that feeling before, because i’m terrified of being ignored, but in all honesty, it’s just something you have to get used to.

Yeah, Unfortunately that’s how it works

I mean yeah I get that

Man, I never see people get that many replies. Perhaps in the past? It always is a growing community though, I get it. I have been a part of heart support since 2018 I believe?? But I totally agree with others you should focus on quality of replies over quantity. I know I am not personally always active on here every day. But when I scan through posts to see what I can reply to, if I cannot relate to a person and figure out what to say I will leave that post for someone who may be more qualified to answer, yknow? It doesn’t mean the community doesn’t care about you:)


There can be a lot of reasons why some postings don’t receive much in the way of replies. Please don’t take it personally. Sometimes I get zero replies as well, then I feel like “a voice in the wilderness.”

Sometimes, people don’t know how to respond, so the posting gets unanswered. My time is limited, and I look for the postings that receive the least number of responses. I think I miss a lot of postings too.

It takes both courage and an investment of trust in order for a person to post in a forum like this. Therefore, my heart goes out to you. That doesn’t mean I won’t miss a lot of your postings, as I miss a lot of everyone’s postings.

One thing I would suggest, if a day or so passes and you have not received a response from your posting, go ahead and repost it. There really is no shortage of people here who would like to help you. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of timing.


Man, I never see people get that many replies. Perhaps in the past? It always is a growing community though, I get it.

^^^^ This. 100%. The forum goes through all kind of seasons with more or less activity, but lately it’s a lot more active - both people posting and people who respond -, which is beautiful.

@BlackCatAnnie Our friends here already said it all, and I just wanted to say that you’re not left on the side of the road. You are seen, heard, cared for. The context at the moment plays a huge role for a support that is community-based. It depends on who is here, who is willing to respond, who can relate to what is shared. Many factors to create the opportunity of a connection to happen. But every time you shared your heart is never lost. You can be proud of yourself for reaching out as you do. I hope you know that you are loved and the amount of replies will never be the reflection of the love that’s available for you. It’s only circumstancial.

If you need a reminder of this sometimes, don’t hesitate to scroll down on the main page. You’ll see very easily the waves/seasons through which the forum goes, all the time. It’s not related to you as a person or what you share.

Take care. :hrtlegolove:


I can’t speak for everyone, only myself.

I don’t reply to topics here as much as I used to, for many reasons. I think the main reason is because I am very sensitive to others and how they feel and too much exposure to everyone’s pain is bad for me because over time it gets hard for me to filter all that out and I start to feel the same as all the people in all the topics I read.

The second BIG reason is that I don’t feel that I fit the norm here - by that I mean a lot of the people here are a lot younger than I am and it’s harder for me to relate because things were very different when I was growing up and stuff that would’ve been acceptable then isn’t exactly acceptable now. I graduated high school 16 years ago which means all those worries and stresses that come from school - I can talk about how I remember school, but again, times change. I also am aware that younger people hear all the time, “When I was your age” and “Been there done that” and while I can offer incite through hindsight, it’s often hard to take that advice and apply it, because you’re only just now experiencing things and are still learning life’s lessons.

When I first joined I was in a bad place mentally and so this place didn’t drain me like it does now, because I was already in a bad place I guess. But as I find myself making progress with my mental health as well as my life in general, it is important that I maintain a healthy distance so that I don’t disrupt my balance and maintain my progress.

I still do comment, but I feel like I have more to offer people closer to my age, going through things that I am going through or posts about relationship questions because I am happily married and I know I am lucky and I feel that I have things to offer people looking for opinions in that regard.

But honestly, between adulting, buying a house, working, making time for my husband and I to have leisure time together, etc, it becomes harder to answer every post, and so I am very selective in the posts I DO answer, and you will often find that I put a lot of thought into these posts. While my contributions may not be as numerous, they are still meaningful to me and I do genuinely want to help, but I also need to remember that I can’t help everyone and I need to maintain my balance.

This is no reflection of you or anyone else’s posts I don’t answer. I deeply care for everyone here at Heart Support because everyone helped me through a bad time in my life, everyone cares so much with no judgment and for that I am thankful. But I can’t spread myself too thin.


Thank you for the replies everyone. I was just really upset anf felt left that day.

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Blockquote. But as I find myself making progress with my mental health as well as my life in general, it is important that I maintain a healthy distance so that I don’t disrupt my balance and maintain my progress.

I should do the same.

With the age thing it’s understandable I prefer people around my age too because it’s more relateable.

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