I am struggling so hard with school!

Hi again it’s been a long time since I was last on here
I’ve been busy with school… but now I’m really struggling more than ever with it.
I am failing the class and I’ve done well so far in the Degree Program. This came unexpected. And so early. The professor just gave me a very low grade in the beginning of the class and since then I’ve been spiraling downhill… not much sleep, I’ve spiraled into depression nonstop stress I have gone back to the use of any type of pill and I just am really struggling so hard to get my grade back up!
I only have two weeks left of the class until I can improve the grade. Right now it’s at a 59.56% for the class and so Im just really struggling. I cant even tell my family Im struggling with school right now. Very few people know about me struggling with school right now.


Hi Anonymous2020,

Thank you, it takes much courage to be open about our situations and I applaud you for taking the step and sharing your struggles with HS team. I am hoping that you are finding it an easier transition and that school is going better now. how are you?

Warmly, Dot.


Well school is still really stressful. I have two weeks left of month 15 and I have to really get that grade up and it’s just really affected me so much. I’ve just been down about the grade… not much energy I just want to resort to the stupid stuff but I know I cant because if I do my mom will notice. Its just been a lot of stress on me and so Ive been trying my best to hang in there and its hard

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Hey @Anonymous2020,

School can be incredibly stressful. The pressure coming from everywhere can be really overwhelming. Andfeeling as if you’re behind, failing at your classes, is a valid reason for feeling more depressed and having the need to cope with things that make you feel more in control. However, and I know it’s easy for me to say that since I’m not in school anymore, what happens at school is not going to condition everything in your future. Failing is, in itself, about learning and getting better. It is really violent to receive a grade you didn’t expect and affects you negatively. But this grade doesn’t necessarily reflects our real efforts and capacities. It’s a subjective way to evaluate student’s capacities, while those are a lot more varied and large than what a number could represent.

May I ask why you feel like you can’t tell your family that you are struggling?
Do you have any friends who could help you? Or a teacher who could supprt you with your lessons?
Being alone while struggling at school is not a fatality. You don’t have to handle it all by yourself. It’s okay to ask for help. School is a place to learn, you are not supposed to master everything instantly. Each one of us had difficulties with specific classes. Once you’ve acknowledge where it’s more difficult for you to progress, you can make sure to have a support system made of people and practical resources as well.

You’ve made the first step by reaching out here and that is very brave of you. It might be good to start reaching out to people who could actively help you with your classes as well. <3

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