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I can finally think of myself as good enough

Hey there friends!
I wanted to tell you guys that I can finally look in the mirror and say to myself “you’re worth it”. It took a long time, but I can honestly do that now. I’m 102 days clean of self harm today and I have not been tempted in about 3 days. There’s improvement there. I can see it. I just wanted to thank everyone in this community for supporting me through everything. You are all so amazing! Don’t ever think you’re not! I’m getting more and more self confident as the days go on. That’s happening because I see a reason to live. I see that by being supported like this, makes me able to support others. I’m becoming more open about what’s going on in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I am now ready for life to happen because I know that this community will have my back. Thank you all! Hold fast friends, you’re worth it. Every single one of you is worth it! :two_hearts:

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I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! THIS IS SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you so very much and are so happy you have grown so much with how you view yourself! I am so very excited to see what the future holds for you!! Love you friend!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You ARE worth it!! This progress is amazing!! I can’t wait to continue to watch you shine! This community is so thankful for you and the light you spread! Love you!


Hey Sarah,

First I want to say that I really enjoyed talking with you in Pastor Souzy’s stream today (daclassifiedninja btw). When you said this exact thing in his stream this morning it was such an encouragement to me, and others as well! You are so loved, and valued, and important, and your life matters.

I am so happy for the progress that you are making in your recovery. And I’m so glad you are at least seeing your progress that you are making, because sometimes it’s very very hard to do that. Know that we are here for you to love you, and walk along side you, and be here for you through this journey.

Now know that this next part is not dismissive, but it’s important to realize as well. If you do relapse, please know that doesn’t mean you have failed, that your life doesn’t matter, or that you must give up on recovery. Because at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is not days clean, but rather freedom, and my friend I believe that you will find freedom from this.

Please my friend stay involved. Be in the streams, come back to the support wall, come to the discord. You are welcome, and wanted and you are loved my friend, please don’t ever give up. We love you!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,

It’s so amazing that you feel supported and I hope that this continues for the days and months to come. Please know that you will never be pushed aside because of this accomplishment, you are just as important now as you were in your time of need. We all want you to continue to succeed and nothing will ever jeopardize that. You are 100% worth it no matter what anyone says, including in times of self doubt. Hold fast <3


@SarahTheProud That’s wonderful! I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing this positive news! You are absolutely worth it, as is every single person here! We are all loved and cared for! Keep staying strong and hopeful :slight_smile: