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I can’t do this anymore, i just want it to end

TW: suicide, self harm

if i don’t move out i’m doing to actually kill myself. it’s been like this for months and it’s just gotten so bad recently with self harm. every sound is triggering and i can’t do this anymore. i have nowhere to stay even for a couple days, this is debilitating. i don’t even know who i am anymore. it’s hard for me to even understand my surroundings and it doesn’t feel like reality.

i can’t even picture myself living for another month.

nothing makes me feel better anymore, i’m just wasting out my days and hoping that something will change, but nothing has changed in years.

whatever, i’m just complaining over nothing i guess. i’d probably be better off dead. i wouldn’t have to battle my own mind everyday and everything else around me. i feel like i’m just reaching out for nothing, not that i don’t appreciate people trying to help, i really appreciate it. i’m just upset because nothing changes and only seems to get worse.

Hey @limeytea Please do not kill yourself!

I encourage you to call 18002738255 RIGHT NOW!!


You are loved and you matter. I don’t know if you are in the HS Discord but if you are feel free to message me on Discord at KermitTheFrog(DarianDaDuck)#8898 I’d love to speak to you about how you are feeling

i can’t call anything, but i’ve texted something like that. and thank you, i’ll message you on there.