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I can’t not stand news source and my parents are brainwash

Quick side note, I don’t want to anyone upset or shove my view down put throats. And I’m not claiming I’m right or above anyone. So if political trigger you, you may want to read this. However I try my very to be centered, I’m independent and don’t choose political sides. I think both wrong in both parties and thier problems with government how they handle my health insurance and my rights. I will mention new sources or president.

Okay, I feel that the media lies to people or trick into getting angry and brainwash into thier alway scapegoat. Feeding into more of racism, transphobic, homophobia, and other issues. It gotten so bad, I honestly don’t know check the right new source .

However, my parents are so brainwashed that watch one new source and they it tell them the whole truth, my dad is very smart and more smart that I can ever be. Can debate better than me and make look stupid. They are also brainwashed by thier religion and they think that if you not religious you a bad person.

My thing is that only see black and white. They me as a fool and want to brainwash by fear to think like them. Only my dad is smart, but smart people get cocky and think they are always right.that a fool like me can’t be right sometime.

What upset I get violent thought of hurting, my shadow get very dense and can’t take defeat in debate or get to point I can’t put up with it abs kinda hate them for thier views, which is mess up.

Again I don’t want to upset people and if think I’m fool it cool. Just ask don’t have people fighting on the comment. Thank you

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I wrote a rambling journal entry on this tonight. It’s just what came out of my pen. Who can you trust? The mainstream news, or the independent news sites that day they’re giving you the real scoop? Unfortunately I don’t think there’s one right answer. It’s infuriating. What’s the damn truth?!

The other problem is people like your parents consuming news from one source and bring convinced they’re right and everyone else is wrong. The world is so busy, it’s hard to do research and form their own informed opinions. It’s a lot easier to let other people do the thinking for them, and then they get to pick the articles that best validate what they already think. Even smart people can’t think critically when they don’t have counterpoints to compare against. Brainwashed is a great word for it.

From there, they can fall down a rabbit hole from one-sided news to straight up fake news. Just tonight, I was talking to my friend who’s a fake news expert, and she said there’s a story gaining traction on fringe news sites that birds aren’t real.

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