I can’t take back my mistakes ( warning sensitive topic)

Warning this sensitive topic and don’t want to hurt people, it involves troubling facts and please if this might trigger don’t read!

I can’t take back what I did to women. I have sexual misconduct them, and mental abuse them. Girls get creeep out by my present. I’m always over stepping bondries and not respecting them. They end using me anyway and that we can’t trust each other. It got to the point where I lost my job and ruin my innocence.

 I never put a girl against her will to do anything. Still I cross the line that can’t be wash way. It one reason why I hate myself and can forgive myself. I’m creeper and that something can’t replace. 

These mistake will always live with me and I meant to die alone. I will alway be a toxic person.

I think you did a great step admiting what you did. It is never too late to change, if you want to. It doesn’t mean you cannot build up a healty respecting relationship but it will take time.

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