I can’t take this

I tried to overdose after she yelled at me but I still woke up fine this morning. I’m going back to cutting if I can’t overdose on Tylenol or Advil next. Life has no point anymore. Nothing is helping. Nothing is changing even though I’m trying so hard. Nowhere is safe anymore. I have no one and I hate myself for trying to hurt others. I even tried to stab someone in school today and I don’t even know why. I need to off myself before I off someone else. There is no hope for me.

Hey friend! Thank you for reaching out. Please stay. You are worthy of so much, nobody deserves to treat you poorly. If you are honestly considering ending your life PLEASE reach out to a hotline or go to an emergency room. THERE IS HOPE. I promise. I’ve been in similar situations myself and I know the overwhelming pain and loneliness. Pain that no other human could even possibly start to comprehend. But you gotta believe me that things will get better eventually. I promise.

Everything is wrong, nowhere is safe, and I deserve the pain I inflict on myself