i cant do it anymore

i mentally can’t do this anymore. school has ruined my life. it never gets better. i always get blamed and everyone notices my failures but not when i succeed. my parents always compare me to other people and never care about how i feel. according to them schools more important then my mental health. then they ask me" why don’t you talk to us anymore?" im so tired of it.


Hey good to see you reach out for support. You’re physical and mental health should definitely be above other things in your life. Do you have anyone around you that will listen if you tell them how you’re feeling? If so, I’d start there and even some therapy could help if you feel like going that route.

Hi Dri,

I’m John. Recently I taught a short class on Support, and I presented your topic to the members of the class so they could support you. Here is what they said, and we collectively hope that our words help support you:

  • Try to find someone in your life that you can talk to about your problems so you can feel heard. You can always go back to school and try again. You can always go back to school int he future. Just because you fail doesn’t mean you can’t go back later!
  • You are worth more than a number you got on a test - no matter what your parents think about that - your life works. It doesn’t matter what parents say about that. They still care about you.
  • You can always go back to school - you can do summer school. You can always get your GED later.
  • You are more important that school
  • Talk to your parents - maybe your parents don’t realize they’re being harsh on you

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