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I cant do this anymore. I'm giving up

I give up. I give up trying, I give up caring, I give up on everything! I give up on life and my future I can’t do this!!!


Is it okay if I don’t give up on you?

It’s okay to give up for a while. Sometimes it’s necessary. You don’t need to give up forever.


I think I need that to know no one is giving up on me because that is how I am feeling. That no one is in my corner.


It sucks to feel so alone. I hope spending time here can help. You certainly are among kindred spirits here.

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I too feel like giving up sometimes. Life can be overwhelming and you can feel completely alone surrounded by so many. To receive love and kindness from others but yet still feel so alone is a demon in itself. I’m here for you, this community is here for you. You are not alone.


Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel. I know i am loved and cared for but I dont know how to love myself and care for myself and thats the hardest thing.


The constant struggle is accepting yourself. Once you are able to do that you can move forward. I know that’s a never-ending battle for me personally. I read up on how to control thoughts and make them more positive, but damn it’s hard.

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Make learning how to do that a priority. There are two helpful perspectives. 1) If you met a person who was very much like you, and was dealing with similar circumstances and issues, what would you say to her? How would you feel about her? Self focused compassion and nurturing is essential. It’ll actually help you be more effective in helping others too. 2) This is something of a paraphrasing of the above. Treat yourself as you would others. Respect your personhood, and the suffering that’s helped you become who you are now.

If you know your value, others will appreciate and benefit from it. Some might be jealous of your confidence, but that’s evidence that you’re doing something right.

Some people try to “keep others down,” by accusing or inferring to them that they have too much ego or pride. But that’s simply not the case when you know the truth about yourself.

I see you as kind and thoughtful, and in the process of healing. You deserve love! Be good to yourself.