I cant do this anymore

i feel so useless and broken rn. ive been going out with an amazing girl for almost 2 years now but last week she got grounded for 4 days when she got back she pretended like everything was ok but i knew something was wrong then she stopped replying me. i got a text from her friend that said “leave her alone she found someone 100x better she dosent love you anymore so just fucking leave”…It took someone less than a week to throw me out like trash. not only that but im a seinior in highshool and im missing credits and probably wont graduate. my family constantly tells me everything that ive done wrong And i never get any praise for anything i do. i struggle so much in school and nobody sees im trying my hardest but my hardest is never good enough for anyone. i have hardly any friend and nobody to talk to i just want this pain to end

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Hey @Memphisreign - You’re not useless! I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t treated well. You deserve someone better and someone who’s mature enough to clearly communicate to you what’s going on. You’re going through a rough patch right now but I promise that it’ll get better. Just hold on! You’re strong and we believe in you. :slight_smile:

Hey friend, I’m sorry to hear that. Happened to me some months ago and felt horrible. The best thing to do is to concentrate on your education and try your best to graduate. Maybe you won’t be able to do it this year but hard work always pays off. Try not to concentrate on the people pulling you down, you’re strong and good enough to make it.
You’re worth so much more than their thoughts of you.

pioggia :sunflower:

Hi friend, I am so sorry all of this is happening to you. What your old girlfriend did is really painful and you do not deserve to be treated that way. One of my favorite quotes is “Who you are is not defined by someones inability to see your worth,” and this is so true in this situation. The way she is treating you is not reflective of what you deserve.

I also want to say I’m so proud of you for trying your best in school. It sounds like not everyone in your life is recognizing your effort but trying is amazing, and I’m so proud of you. We are all here for you and we love you!! And we will always be here for you. I know it’s hard right now but good things are coming.