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I can't handle sleep at night


It still haunts me. It has two years since going through a sexual assault. Everytime I try to sleep, the whole scene replay in my dreams. I wake screaming and sweating. I usually no one to talk to because everyone is usually uncomfortable with the topic itself. I wish I had someone to listen so I could at least get some type of peaceful sleep.


hey @Skyeepoison so sorry you have had to deal with this . thanks for posting, night terrors are not fun. ill listen to you and ill be here for you . your loved , your precious. hold fast you’re worth it.!
your loved friend im sorry this has happened/is happening


Thank you. I needed to hear that.


@Skyeepoison hey thank you for sharing what you are going through seriously. first no one should ever lay their hands on you like that. You are loved and we are all here for you. If you are up at night needing someone to talk to I stream my art process on my twitch (MorganVinHoch) where we all talk and hang out. You will be welcomed with open arms…

HeartSupport has a discord also. You can get on there and talk to someone in the community when you are up wide awake Hey Hold Fast Friend.