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I cant hide this anymore and i dont know what to do


Ugh. Things are really going downhill so quick. Im at my worst point of life right now and it feels as if everything is falling apart. Ive been pretty good at hiding my mental health in the past but i really cant hide it anymore its gotten so bad. And im at a bad place right now because im just too depressed to eat sometimes and obviously my parents have been noticing im skipping meals… (they really arent the most caring people in the world and they hold onto all the stigmas with mental health a lot so im so scared to talk to them) but… i was just at dinner and i really couldnt bring myself to eat and my mom started yelling at me saying things like ‘whats wrong with you?! Why wont you eat your food?! ‘ ‘you should be ashamed of yourself!’
And she threatened to take me to the doctor to get bloodwork done because she thinks im sick since ive been more tired and havent had as much appitite… and she forced me to stay at the table for a good 15 minutes and tried to make me eat. (Im not terrible or anything i dont starve myself i still eat a little bit because i want to take care of myself but i skip some meals i just cant help it) and it got so bad i started shaking at the table because i got scared since she was yelling at me. Then she yelled ‘why are you shaking?!’ And i tried to lie and say i was cold but that didnt help. I just dont feel like i can hide this anymore but its so hard. She is so not understanding and seems mad at me for this stuff and i really dont know what to do… i just want to clear everything up and get better but im so lost and sigh


Dear @cs15
Stay strong, I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there. It’s like being stuck in a hole, with seemingly no way out. But I want you to know that there is a way out. Help is out there: both professional and less-professional, like here. You can get help, but only if you try to get that help. I know how it seems with your parents’ reactions to the possibility, but chances are that they may not know about the subject as well. In the psychology classes I’ve taken, I’ve noticed that a lot of the stigmas surrounding mental health are simply due to misconceptions. I urge you to talk to your parents about this, and at least try to get help.
Stay strong, you are loved :slight_smile:


You should NEVER feel ashamed of yourself because of this. Never.
However, you should talk about the issue with your parents (like the guy above said, odds are they don’t even know a thing about the subject) and obviously look for help, both professional and non-professional. Hold fast, we believe in you.

pioggia :sunflower:


This is a really hard thing to go through. We always look towards our parents for love and comfort and sometimes they are not able to do this. I’m so sorry you are going through this. <3


My niece was 14 when she started having panic attacks, and her mother told her its something that she needs to “snap out of it” Luckily she was able to get help from other relatives and the school. It varies by state, but you can reach out to a medical provider or psychiatrist on your own even if you are still on your parents insurance. As young as 15 in a lot of places.


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Hold Fast.



I’m so sorry you are going through this! You should never feel like you are going through this alone. You have matter and worth that far exceeds what has been done to you and what defines you is your hope in the future.

I know this may seem a bit odd or self explanatory, but have you ever tried to have tell your parents that maybe we should learn more about what I am going through together and research and seek help in other avenues. Not to say that this is the case, but I think sometimes parents also might not fully comprehend or understand how to deal with what you are going through which fuels a lot of responses that feel like they don’t help. It may help just simply asking to learn and find out more together so they are educated and may bring more insight, understanding, and support for you. Just a thought. Continue to fight and continue to push for hope and your future! You can do this! We believe in you.