I can't stand myself

I hate everything about myself. I’m a lazy, ignorant wreck. I will never live up to the expectations of my family and friends.


@Morticai hi friend. Thanks for reaching out. I’m soeey you feel this way. Is there anyone you can reach out to in your life that can help you to find where these feelings are coming from? I’m not sure of your situation from just these words, but know that you are important and that you are cared about. You can fight this.

Hold Fast.

Hey @Morticai,

There are two types of words that you can speak over yourself - truths and lies.

These are examples of lies. We care for you too much to watch yourself bask in lies. Albeit uncomfortable at first, start speaking truth over yourself. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and every night, and say 3 truths about yourself; you’ll be amazed at what you start believing. We believe in you!


P.S. As the wise and philosophical Justin Bieber once said, “Never say never.” :wink:

Hey friend,

You are not a failure. Everyone makes mistakes. Please try not to compare yourself to other people or try to live by other people’s expectations. You are your own you. Be yourself, and try to be the best version of you. That’s the best you can do.

In the Christian view, the goal is to try to live as Christ did. In Christian belief, this is impossible, yet it is something that one strives for anyway. The important thing — and I think this translates to non-Christians as well — is your intent. Try every day to recover from past mistakes. Try every day to be a better person. Try every day to love people more fully and more genuinely. Try every day to love yourself more and take better care of yourself, because you can’t fully and truly love others unless you love yourself a healthy amount. I just want to say that everyone is ignorant about something, so that’s not something to be too concerned over. But if you want to fix that, you can take small steps to become more informed, etc. If laziness seems to be a problem, you can start there. It’s going to be okay. There’s nothing you are struggling through that you cannot overcome, and that goes for everyone.

You are strong enough. Thank you for sharing this with us. Life will improve.

Hold fast, we believe in you,

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