I can't stop thinking about a lost friend and it causes me paranoia

I lost a friend over two years ago and it haunts me to this day. When I think about him, all I want to do is cry, but I don’t cry, I just sit and I start to feel everyone is out to get me. I want to talk to people but this feeling prevents me from doing so. I feel I can not trust even my family nor my closest friends. I just want these spells to stop, but I am afraid they won’t, because I can’t stop thinking about my friend.

Hi, my friend. I’m so very sorry for your loss but also appreciate this post, because I think it hits home for many people. I was streaming on twitch tonight and me and the viewers worked hard to put together a video for you with our thoughts.

Best of luck to you, my friend.


Thank you very much, I will do my best.