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I can't stop thinking about this person's death

Hi. I thought i could ignore this but it just keeps coming back. There’s someone who very important to me who is going on a trip this weekend and I can’t get rid of the intrusive thought that they might get hurt or die. I don’t know how to shake this feeling should I just ignore it? I have thoughts like this sometimes when people go on trips but this time it’s particularly intense. It might be because I love them and I am just worrying about them but I don’t know. I’m familiar with people I know dying but it’s never been anyone I have been close with. And after this whole thing with hate crimes and people being murdered (especially the discord one) I’m constantly worried about her safety especially when she goes out somewhere. She has plenty of friends nearby and she always takes precautionary measures like never going out alone but I still worry about her. Is there anyone that can help please. Thank you for reading

Hi there,
Hope that you are doing alright.

I want say that it’s going to be okay.
From what I understand is that you are a person that cares a lot about those who are close to you about their safety and that’s okay, it’s normal to feel worry about them.

Especially if they are travelling far away. You are not alone feeling that way either.
There’s times where that I have intrusive thoughts too, I was aware those close to me are going somewhere far and…It worries me but, I’m aware that they are going be careful.

May I ask if it’s okay with you, you don’t have to answer it, I completely understand.
Is it recent that you feel that that Intrusive thoughts?
Something like triggers those thoughts like you motioned that there’s hate crimes?
I’m sorry to hear that happens

It is worrying to know that there’s hate crimes and even murder. It’s a scary thing to hear in news and more.

I want say that…
Maybe, there’s a reason why behind those feelings, try ask yourself: " Why am I feeling like that? " or questions to help understand why are you feeling that. Sometimes, there’s no answer to it, that’s alright.

It may sound really bad but…I would say not to ignore it in my opinion because, there may be reason why that you feeling that in this moment OR the better option is finding an solution where make you feel more comfortable of being aware that she is safe.

It’s always a good thing to be cautious when going out because, things can happens like to have awareness of your surroundings. (From what I remember my mother told me)

As along as, the person that you close with is cautious like you motioned that she has plenty of friends nearby or takes precautionary measures than…It is good.
Still, I understand that you worried about her.

I’m not sure, if it will help but…
Here’s an advice/tip that I do always often use when hangout with friends is…

Check on them, Make sure that they are okay.
What it means is that if the person that you close with, agrees with this idea.
It is that when they are going out somewhere, leaving an text message like “an warning” or even ask them to call you where they are going to than, letting you know when they arrived to their location.

Eventually, you will get used to it when having that.
I have feeling that it may seem annoying in long run (It might depends for who) but, it shows that you care about the person’s safety.

It may helps you to feel alright to know that they are doing okay.

Take care, send hugs

Thank you so so much for this advice. She decided not to go on her trip for whatever reason but I will save this advice for the future thank you. And I’ll try to figure out why I’m feeling like this. :heart::heart::heart:

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