I don’t have any friends I can talk to

So, I don’t know if I am doing something wrong to make friends, but I feel like I’ll try to think of something I could say to start a conversation with someone and they all seem to busy. I just don’t know if people don’t want to talk to me a lot because of how I kind of act strange when I talk about things, or if I’m not putting enough effort out. It doesn’t feel like there is anyone that would like to be friends with someone like me who acts the way I do

Hey Notanyoneyouknow… I totally understand how you feel. I think just be yourself with people, if they really care about you they would stick around. I know for sure I would love to be your friend :wink:. Take good care and don’t stress… Just be yourself and be happy with who you are and people of your caliber would gravitate towards you.

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Hey there,

Making friends is incredibly hard and it can be intimidating to put yourself out there. I completely understand the feeling. Know that you have an entire community that loves and supports you. I believe you will find other like-minded people who like you for you! I know it is easier said than done, but I would encourage you to just be yourself because there is only one you!!
We believe in you!

Hannah Rhodes

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People just kinda do that to everyone especially if they’ve a lot to do. I go through this even with my best friend or even my girlfriend (Yes, I am single no more.) That is just the way this world works. Unless it is work related or school related or something that isn’t a responsibility it is okay to speak up. “Hey, I would like your attention if you don’t mind.” Be a little bit kurt, but do it in a friendly tone. If they continue to not pay attention to you and not give a reason then they’ve no interest in being your friend.

Otherwise you just need time with them after awhile (be reasonable) once you get to know them ask them to not do things while you converse. Most friends will comply.

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Hey there, welcome to the club of socially awkward people! waves Yes, making friends is hard. And yes, there is a social bias from people against people who are awkward, I not gonna lie. What you are basically looking for are people who are socially accepting, and you can only find those by putting yourself out there and getting disregarded by the idiots who don’t see you for who you are. Because that’s what they are: idiots.
This is who you are, and I bet there are some things about you that are pretty amazing. If these people don’t like the same things you do, or are too shallow to accept you, then f*ck them! Focus on what you love, and browse for online groups who love the same thing you do. From there you’ll probably find people who love what you love locally, and you get to hang out.
This is how I got started as a writer, and now my publisher flies me all over the world to meet people who are interested in my little brain-spinnings!
Your (for example) Startrek uniform will never fit in at a beauty pageant, and you’ll be shunned, but you’ll fit right in at a Startrek convention! Find your peoplez. If you’re into art, join Etsy, if you like music, singing, or computer games, join Twitch and go listen and chat with people doing the same.

I hope this helps… I never know if anything I say really helps… I am socially awkward like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy

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