I don’t know what to do... sos

I can’t describe the pain I’m feeling right now…
I saw my ex at a bar recently with another woman.
It was. 3 year relationship and honestly I thought we were going to get married. It was quite recent after the breakup that I saw him.

I tried to be respectful and greeted everyone and then went to the dance floor with my brother, he and this girl proceeded to follow me to the dance floor where they not only ”grinded” on one another but also had a full blown make out session in front of me… which of course led to me erupting in tears… Their entire group pointed and laughed, I never thought he would stoop that low.

After that occurrence I had to go pick up my belongings at the house, I arrived a week later and packed my things. Once I got home I came to notice that all my belongings were covered in vomit. He and his new side piece vomited on all my belongings and tore up books I inherited from my grandfather… I am so shocked that someone I loved so dearly and still respect would do that to me…

The worst part is that I’m the one in pain still, despite how badly I’ve been treated… I feel worthless and pathetic right now!

I feel as though I am a joke, maybe I deserve this. I even feel dumb for just typing all of this out :sob:

I’m just a broken fool right…?!
I don’t want this public please

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I’m sorry for your pain. That was rude and disrespectful and probably meant to be so. As hurt and disappointed that you feel right now, you know you aren’t worthless and don’t deserve to be treated in that manner. I mean, seriously who does that? So seal off the pain, hold your head up and find something else in life to refocus your efforts on now- read a book or be around family and good friends. See if you can locate replacements of the books from your grandfather and remember that he wanted you to read them and he loved you. I really hope you have a great Christmas. You will rise up from this and have a happy life.

He never respected you and that is what you need. A guy that respects you for you. If any of your friends were with the group that laughed at you then you should kick them to the curb and get some real friends.

I hope you get better & get some seriousness.

As for your worth, You will never feel worthy until you accept yourself. No matter if you find a great guy that loves & respects you and tells you how much you’re worth.

Hey friend,
thanks for reaching out, there is never anything wrong with seeking advice and help. don’t feel dumb for reaching out, it’s one of the best and smartest things one can do!
i’m so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, nobody’s perfect, even the people we love and look up to the most. My best suggestion would be to do what you know is going to be safe and right for you. Maybe talk to your brother and tell him how he’s making you feel. Be upfront and honest with him. Hopefully he’ll understand. and pray about it if you would like to.
You’re not worthless friend, you are so worthy and loved so much. What someone else has done to you will never define you. You are made amazing. i hope you know that.
Life is hard sometimes, but we can make a choice to grow from the pain we experience, it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. A few song lyrics come to mind that i like to share with you :slight_smile:

"there is life beyond the pain." -cold room (FIt for a King)
"Forgive the things you hate in yourself, so that you might be grace to someone else." -we drag the dead on leashes by Being as an Ocean

praying for you <3

How can I say this in a kind way… you’re better off without him. If someone treats your belongings like that then they are not a good person as a whole. But yes, cry. Don’t cry over him, but over what you lost, and then move on. The best way to spite him now is to live a long and happy life, forgetting he even existed.

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy

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