I don’t know

Im this close to the edge I keep trying to hold on but it’s getting harder and harder



Hang in there, friend. I don’t know what makes you feel like this, but if you want to talk about it then know this is a safe place. Sometimes we need to let things out of our chest to feel better. It sounds that you’ve been carrying some heavy things on your shoulders until now. You did the right thing by posting here. It’s a healthy step.

There are people in this community who certainly relate to that feeling of being close to the edge, and I include myself in this. There are moments when I feel like I’m at the end of my rope and I can’t feel anything else than a massive exhaustion and heaviness. It can be a matter of time before you feel better. If there is something that can help you to focus on something different, something that could help you to feel better and remains healthy to you, then don’t hesitate to use that resource. It can be reaching out to a friend, writing what’s in your mind right now, watching some silly TV shows, taking a few minutes to breathe some fresh air, making yourself a giant a warm coffee… You deserve to treat yourself with compassion. You deserve to feel better. :heart:

If things get darker, I’d like to encourage you to call a crisis line as well:

You are not alone. :heart:


Wow thank you… you made me shed a few tears. What you said really helped me. I’ve been holding so much in lately

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Hey friend,

I am so sorry that you are having a hard time right now. I don’t know what all is going on that is causing you to feel this way, but know that you are more than welcome to share your heart if you need to. I know sometimes it helps to just be heard and listened to.

You are among friends and a very family like community. So you are always welcome here. I encourage you to join our discord if you have not already: https://discord.gg/6mpWxs

And Micro has left you several links to resources and numbers that you can use if you get to a really hard place and just need to reach out. If you aren’t wanting to talk about it here.

You matter. Your life matters. What you are going through matters.


  • Kitty

Thank you so much I just joined discord


Great! We have a #realtalk channel there where you can talk and vent to just like you can here! And usually people are pretty responsive. (: And it’s a good place to keep track of the Heart Support streams and when they go live. Which is a great place to come hang out. (: