I don t share a lot and i don t share often becaus

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I don’t share a lot, and I don’t share often because I’m not into comparing misery. But I had cancer then I had long-term Covid and now I suffer from ME. Which to me manifest in constant pain and exhaustion. I’m only in year two. So I’m still figuring things out. But honestly, I think I’d trade cancer back. ME is physically spiritually and mentally crushing isolating and takes away your ability to hope. Anyway, thank you for your reaction. Ren has been huge help for me this year. Just listening to his music makes me feel like pushing on.


Hello. I am glad you shared what you are going through with us. It sounds like it is extremely tough to go through, and unimaginably exhausting having to fight illness after illness, all in a row. I also had a lot of trouble when I first started sharing with people, feeling some similar feelings to you in regards to sharing misery, but I think that I have found that it’s not so much about comparing any misery. It is more so having a safe outlet to be able to talk about my misery without having to feel guilty/judged/or like am comparing anything to anyone else. So that I have an outlet to safely let it out and not be judged for it, because I think letting it out can be therapeutic when people are actually just there to be supportive. So I thank you for finding our space safe enough for you to share in, and please feel free to continue share anything you are feeling/experiencing if you ever need/want to. We are here. I hope that you can have as good a day as possible given your circumstances. Stay strong. <3


I’m really sorry you’re going through all this. You’ve been facing one challenge after another with cancer, long-term COVID, and now ME. It’s a lot to handle, and I can’t imagine how exhausting and overwhelming that must be. Being only in year two and still trying to figure things out must make it even more challenging, as the pain and exhaustion continue. It’s understandable to feel like this new illness is crushing you physically, mentally, and spiritually. I can see why you feel like you’d trade cancer back in a heartbeat.

It’s tough to explain how ME affects your day-to-day life to others, especially when it leaves you feeling so isolated and drained of hope. The constant pain and exhaustion make it hard to imagine things getting better, and when people don’t understand or aren’t able to offer support, it only adds to that sense of isolation. Your suffering is valid, and it’s understandable that you would feel like it’s taken away your ability to hope.

I’m glad that Ren’s music has been a source of solace for you. When his lyrics resonate and help you feel like pushing on, it shows how powerful music can be. Finding something that connects with you like that is invaluable, especially when it feels like so much has been taken away. Even though it’s hard to share when you’re not into comparing misery, I’m grateful you’re sharing your story here. It shows how much strength you have, even when everything feels like it’s weighing down on you.

If you ever want to talk more or just need someone to listen, I’m here. You deserve to be heard and supported through this, and your strength and resilience are inspiring. Even when it feels like hope is out of reach, you’re doing an incredible job holding on.

I’m sorry you have ME too. I don’t know how severe you are affected but may 14th and 15th there’s an international, free online conference on ME and LongCovid: unite2fight. They will make videos available on YouTube if you can’t join online. This is the first time something so big is organised for lc and ME and I find hope in that. I have ME since 2017, and found some things that helped me. Just wanting to say, things can change and I know it’s an awful illness. Sending love.