I don't belong in this world

I don’t belong in this world. I’m in love with the idea of killing myself. I have no friends. Every time I reach out to my family they just ignore me. I was so angry I broke my phone. And my parents won’t let me get a new one which is complete bullshit. It’s time to die because nobody cares.


@Nothingnear -

I care. Do you have any aspirations?

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I think that when someone share when they want to end with their lifes is because there is a part of them that dont want to end it.

Look my friend, life isnt a rute of flowers and happinest, you will have to face sadness and so other negative thoughts and maybe there would times were you will feel like you dont belong here, but that not true. You belong in this World like us.

I know that isnt easy to not have friend, I have been there, but first you have to love yourself, it isnt a easy task but is worth it, because when you love yourself you will start to feel better and people will start going with you.

And about your parents, I think that you need to have a talk with them about how they are making you feel. Conversation is key to find the solution🙌.

Please hang on! If you need help say it, if you need to talk, know that we are here for you :white_heart:

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