I Don't Even Know What To Say

I always believe that one day, I can use some help from Heart Support, either for me or for other people…

But, I don’t even know how to start asking for it. I don’t even know if I need it. Or maybe, I’m just losing hope at all to anything.

I can’t depend on the faith that I have anymore… I feel like, I’m just losing at anything… and that I’m just slowly fading of sense and value. I feel like, little by little, I’m dying… or maybe, I just need to die already. But, I can’t even kill myself anymore.

I don’t know what I need or what I want anymore.

I just want to vanish and let my existence be forgotten.


Friend, you are never alone. You may feel alone. You may feel confused. You may feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore amidst how you feel.

But life is worth living. Things can get better. Things may be so very difficult right now, friend. But keep holding on. You are stronger than you know, and you don’t walk this road alone.

You are treasured and valued and worth this fight. Keep holding on. We are here for you. Stay strong.

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I don’t believe that Kai. I believe in you. You have potential, everyone does. You can’t see it, so trust me when I say I see it.
It’s okay not to know what to say, feelings can be hard to communicate into words. Hold on. If your wings are broken, use your claws.
We are here for you. Stay strong, and find something to live for, brother. <3

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I’ve been exactly where you are at. I was this in 2007-2008. I hated myself & everyone. Then I chilled out in 2009 without a care in a world. I just zoned out for the whole year. 2010 I spent mad at the world. I decided to stop focusing on my life or others and pay attention to myself. Maybe focusing on yourself will lead you down a better path. A path similar to mine.

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