I don't have much experience with anything

From: Sofa

I don’t have much experience with anything. I am ** [removed by mod] years old but I was informed I need to elaborate more because otherwise this would be against server policy. So my mom has has this thing where if she passes too much stress she gets sick, has diarrhea and other stuff. So tried to talk to her about how I am just a waste of money and she freaked out and got more sick. I asked this discord how can I legally sell organs and nobody told me. Because we are in a very difficult financial situation, my sister got 100% discount on her studies but she is stressed out because she failed in one of the things in her. I asked help in 4chan but everyone called me a shitskin. I feel like I can’t do anything and anything I do will just result in a bad situation. I don’t really want to be rude but feel good comments don’t actually help me. Right now I feel like a scumbag because we think my father was cheating on my mom and now she has to lower her head and be polite to him to ask for financial help and other stuff. Please just answer me if you can help me get a job, legally sell I dunno my liver or one of my lungs in Brazil. Or any realistic way to get assisted suicide that is legal on Canada. I really don’t know what to do I feel like a leech.

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From themanekineko: Hey sofa, it sounds like there is a lot of stress and hurt going on in your life right now.
I just want to let you know the actions your father have taken are not any one else’s fault but his own.
I know you mentioned that feel good comments aren’t going to help you right now and I wish I could give you a firm direction, but what I do want is for you to be safe. I would hate for you to have interactions online that would cause or lead to harm in anyway.
It’s so commendable that you want to financially help your mum out. What I could probably encourage is to have a sit down and ask her how she needs or would like to be supported.

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From sofa9669: I don’t really care that my father is cheating, the one who was sad and crying for some days was my mother. We don’t know if he was cheating, he only implied very heavily that he was. The problem is that if he was, there was a risk of me having another brother/sister could make the house where we live a place where we would only own 50% of. We would probably have to sell the house and divide the money with the other party. Which sucks because now any work or improvement I try or might try do on this property(we live in a rural area).
Now you say its commendable but in my opinion, intentions are not very important in these cases. I may want to do something but I am not competent enough. That is why I am seeking help. The idea of legally selling some body parts may seem unreasonable at first but if you consider that I am in a situation where if I disappear it would be more financially beneficial, I might as well help those I care about.
Now I want to make it clear, I don’t want to break any laws. We all know the saying that drugs are bad but you can legally get to use most drugs. If you get hurt and are in a lot of pain, and you have money, you can get your doctor to authorize you to use fentanyl like Hulk Hogan had to. This is what I meant when I say legally sell some body parts. Now I do have some things I could sell, like my phone, my display, my gaming pc, some tools I have. So I can get some money to travel around if there was some country neighboring Brazil. I don’t really know what to do, that is why I am asking for help.

From themanekineko: Nobody here is going to give advice on selling body parts or other forms of harm to self or others. But it does sound like you are very stressed out right now which is why I think it could be worth taking a moment to sit down with your family and asking them (or even just your mum) what ways you could help that aren’t jumping into the extremities.

From sofa9669: Its not self harm to donate a kidney or any other body part. And if you can donate, you should be able to sell it, in a general sense. Dude I can’t talk to my mom or my sister about it, my mom would freak out even more and get more sick. My sister is already stressed enough because of her studies.

From sofa9669: My sister had to take a 1000 reais loan

From sofa9669: to get a rent to a house that is close to her faculty

From Beatle702: we cant give you any advice on suicide, self harm, or selling bodyparts because its against discords TOS and can get u banned

From sofa9669: Ok so you are saying its not illegal but its agains the tos

From Beatle702: ye basicly the reason no one give that advice

From Beatle702: they just dont want to say

From sofa9669: Well I don’t know what to do then.

From Beatle702: i dont think selling your organs is the only way

From sofa9669: why are you laughing=====

From sofa9669: I just noticed it was your name, discord deleted my other message

From Beatle702: huh======================

From sofa9669: What do you suggest I do?

From Beatle702: maybe there are other job opportunities around your area

From Beatle702: i think selling organs is way to extreme

From sofa9669: I gave my curriculum to some places close to where I live but none give me calls.