I dont know about today

i havent been to school for ages, i havent seen my class mates for ages as well, today i need to go at school, to get my exam results. i am scared, my anxiety keeps getting worse day by day. i started eating more, so my body would change. i am so skinny, i get so much hate based on that. it is too much for me, to hard to keep my head up all the time,


hey bianka ,

First of all please keep me updated on how that went with your exam results. It is ok to be scared . Its a natural feeling because you never know whats going to happen. But once that happens you got to realize everything is going to be ok . You got to fight the scared feeling away . Let me give you an example : " theres this girl who plays the clarinet , she was scared to do her exams alone , she was nervous. but she got better over time . But guess what? that girl was me . " I believe in you !

We all have different coping mechanisms . When we get anxious,nervous,frustrated,sad , etc our bodys act differently. Besides eating is there any healthy coping tools you can do / use . If you dont know any other way just let me know and i can give you a list.
You are amazing , you have breath in your lungs, we love you!
Hold fast, You’re worth it!

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Hi Bianka,

Sounds like a lot of weight on your shoulders, both the fear of what the exam results might be, but also of what your peers will say or think of you…and to feel like so much of that rests on your body, which feels out of your control for the most part…it can make the world feel like such a scary place, fearing that just around the corner, or just ahead of you is going to be pain…and that staying in this place thinking about all of the pain isn’t safe either, because you’re getting swallowed by the anxiety…and then you try to have courage to continue forward but are often faced with the very things you fear…it can be a vicious cycle of anxiety → pain → more anxiety → pain → more anxiety → feeling trapped, etc. Makes sense why it would be hard to keep your head up.

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