I dont know what life without anxiety looks like a

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I don’t know what life without anxiety looks like anymore. It’s so pervasive and overwhelming. It’s a weight you can’t take off. I’m doing everything I can to fight it, but it’s not easy.


Anxiety is a beast of a burden, I know to say you’re not alone could be comfort, but this isn’t something you wish in anyone.
So you don’t have to travel and journey alone.


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As I was saying, you don’t have to journey alone.

I’m so proud of you for fighting and for being so brave as to share that you’re not okay. I know that must have been so hard and I know that it continues to be hard to fight every day past the mental blockages.

I hope that you have people in your life that can fight with you. That can come along side and provide you with support, because you deserve that


hey friend, thank you for being here and sharing what’s on your heart. anxiety is definitely a beast that so many, including me, endure. what are some of the ways you’re coping through it? no matter what route of coping with anxiety someone takes, it definitely isn’t easy and i hope you’re able to care for yourself throughout. while it’s not a weight anyone can take off (im so with you though on wishing it was that simple), i believe in you to persevere and find the coping methods that are right for you. you got this! love, twix


It’s good that you are doing everything you can to fight it. It’s not easy at all and sometimes having help is good. Learning coping skills and talking to a therapist and figuring out why you have anxiety is important. Sometimes medication is needed too, so hopefully you have resources that you can take advantage of to help you. Be well and you matter!


Hi Friend, I can totally related to this feeling, having lived with anxiety for over 30 years, it is pervasive and overwhelming indeed. I am unsure if fighting it is and option although it depends on how you see fighting. One thing I have managed for the most part is to live with it, try not to let it overwhelm me. Of course there are times when it still does, but for the most part I control my actions which contol the anxiety. You are right it is not easy at all and it is not fun either, routine helps though. I hope that in time you can learn to live with you anxiety and life gets better for you. I have faith in you that, that will be the case. Much Love Lisa. x

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Hallo to you! I know I cannot speak of what you are going through because every journey is personal. I know that some days are harder to fight through, and that sometimes fighting with it can drain so much of ourselves mentally and physically.
I hope you can have a moment of self care throughout your day. I know personally that every day life can get overwhelming at times, so adding anxiety on top of it means having to stop and push all that aside because it’s not as important as our hearts and minds.

It can be tricky to navigate because sometimes pushing those tasks aside can feel like we are neglecting our duty, but your sole duty if your own well being. I don’t know if anyone has ever fully mastered being able to fully take time for themselves without a little guilt or without things in the back of our minds coming to the front, but as we keep practicing those habits they become important and easier. At first it can be having to constantly remind yourself “this is my time, you need to wait” to those duties or thoughts.
My father tells me that those little tasks can wait five minutes, but this moment in front of you is now and is yours. Make yourself the priority.

You are loved and worthy of being a priority x