I don't know what to do anymore

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post! I wish I could say I’ve been doing well since, but that’d be a lie unfortunately.
So, anyway, I’ve been going to occupational therapy for a few weeks now, and today I decided to just bite the bullet and tell my therapist about some of my issues. She was really understanding, which I’m so grateful for. I told her about the strained relationship between my mother and I, as well as her constant refusal to let me get medication for my depression. She (my therapist) just called my parents and talked to them for a little bit, and I don’t know what to think now. I don’t know what exactly she told them, but my mother seems pissed at me now. She wouldn’t look at me, or really talk to me, and was just scrolling through her phone while my dad told me about the call. My dad told me I have to look into it myself, which, for my parents is code for ‘we don’t agree but there’s nothing we can do to stop you, but we’re not gonna go out of our way to help either’

God, I’m trying really hard not to cry right now, because my parents could come into my room at any moment, but it’s so hard. I’ve been feeling like complete shit for so long, and they didn’t listen, and now I might finally get some progress in but it doesn’t feel good at all.


Hi Friend, it is good to hear from you. I am really proud of you for opening up to your therapist about some things that you need to talk about and thankful that she was understanding. There is no easy way of trying to manage strained relationships but I think if there was one to pick that was the best it would be the way you have done it.
No one likes to be confronted and told that they are doing something that isnt right or is maybe hurting someone else whether its intentional or not, no one really wants to be criticised (im not saying that is what your therapist did) but we do jump to those conclusions when we start to get questioned about our behaviours etc. Humans get defensive very quickly but it doesnt last, it should hopefully lead to some deep thinking… both of those things would keeps your parents quiet and subdued without them being angry with you.
As for medication for your depression, you have been told to look into it so why not have a chat to your doctor, ask all the questions you want to ask and ask what his/her opinion is.
I am sorry you do not get more support friend, I cannot advise you about meds but you definately can go and see your doctor for a chat and tell them exactly how you are feeling, the more honest you are, the more they can help you.
Finally, once again I want to tell you how proud I am of you, please do not let poor behaviour by others put you off opening up to your therapist more, in the long run it is about you and your mental health. YOU deserve to be happy and feel content so keep doing what you are doing and we will support you all the way. Much Love Lisa… xx

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Hi, How are you welcome back,
While reading your post I see that you have taken steps to try to fix your mental health and that’s great. You should continue to see your occupational therapist and talk to her about your issues because the main thing is for you to get better. It looks like your parents don’t get or understand what mental health is and why it’s important, I’m so sorry that they don’t want to help you get better but talk to your therapist about the depression medication because without it can do a lot of harm. Just know that it will get better Continue working on yourself, loving yourself, and creating the best version of yourself. Remember you are not on your own you have your therapist, and the heart support community, and just because your parent doesn’t support you find friends who do If you do not want to you can’t get better on your own. Don’t cry you are a strong person and you will get through this wether that’s with or without your parents.