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I don't know where i went wrong

so I’ve tried to move on from this but there’s this girl i know that I’ve liked for close to 2 years now and I’ve tried to tell her how I feel in the past to no success. about 2 months ago we got way closer and she said she liked me but then 3 weeks later dumped me. word from her friends said the she got “bored”. I have such a sense of broken trust now that I cant continue on making new relationships with anyone. and I had this nudge from god that kept telling me she was the one. people that know her have told me she said never really cared about me and that she called me stupid for thinking we would ever become a thing. I don’t know what i did wrong and why I’m so unlovable

I’m sorry man

I have been there before too, I fell with girls that end of hurting me at the end. But you don’t need anyone to tell you that we’re worth something. Relationship are very complicated and that way I never can keep one lol, in addition there slot relationships that don’t work out and that normal. What you are going through is a normal things. To feel love is to feel the pain, there no way around it. Most of all, you should love yourself before loving someone else.