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I dont really know how to explain it just ... please read if its possible for you

hey guys umm at least i feel happy that finally there is a safe website with no abuse that you can trust a bit …
umm idk how became the person that i am today i dont really remember you know in some seconds that i find my self present i am drowning in the ocean so im dying i am dead already its time for trying for college for idk a futer and yup this is it i am wasting time and all the years that i have worked my self my family i am wasting every thing and i am not even sorry about i am not happy too umm actually i dont fell any thing im not sure if talking about it makes any thing better or it just cuases the bad feeling to be trasfered to you too all i can say is that im sorry truly am for what i am who i am and how i am



Just wanted to let you know that this community loves you and God loves you.

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when i was a child i use to belive in god a lot as i was getting older some thing changed you know what changed?
my god was made of love and used to love me and every one the way they are but when i got older they imposed the islam to us and all unfair situations to me and said that is what the god said he is gonna send you to hell if you dont cover your hair if you love some body from that i started hating him and i became the lonliest person ever but any way thank you so much it means a lot to me

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