From LadyStardust: I dont see the point of living


Hi LadyStardust, I am so very sorry you are feeling like this, feeling like you have a lack of purpose is incredibly hard and can affect so many different aspects of your life so I am pleased you reached out thank you.
Have you any ideas at all why you are feeling this way, what may have been the root cause of this? work? school? home life? marriage? can you think of any purpose that you want to be here or maybe should be here for? I can think of one, one is that you deserve to lead a long, happy and fulfilled life and almost all things can be remedied so I am hopeful that can still happen. Lisa x

From ManekiNeko: Hey ladystardust, did you want to talk about what’s been going on? As Lisa said, if there is any root cause of this feeling, you are always welcome to share. If you’re up for it we can also share some crisis resources, but there’s no pressure. You’re welcome to just come and talk if you need