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I don't think I'm worth loving anymore

So, my name is Jake and right now, I feel pretty worthless. I have been ditched completely by my girlfriend of over a year and a best mate of over 15 years. I feel hurt. The two people I had ever really spoken to about my problems, had just ditched me, left me to deal with my own crap. I feel depressed, I feel like if even the closest of friends want nothing to do with me now, what’s the point of me trying to talk to someone. I’ve only decided to type something on this because I need to let someone know. I feel so shit. I want help and for it to end soon

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Hey friend,
I hear you. How you are feeling is valid and its okay to feel bad for now. You just lost two people you cared about. That’s real. I’m so sorry to hear it, but know you are heard and supported here in this community. I lost friends who I thought would be with me forever, due to my depression. What I learned in that time, those people were not who I needed in my life anyway. People to who walk away at the lowest parts of your life, are not worth your time. Sure there are moments when people need to take a step back because they can’t handle it, but never abandoned. There are greater people out there with the capacity to care beyond convenience. I have been fortunate to find those people in my life, and that includes here with HS. Please join this community for support and friendship in the live streams on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-12pm PST. I hope to see you there and walk with you through this. You matter. You are important. Hold fast.

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Thanks. I just feel like no one will ever want me, you know. Like, I’m so lonely now. Like, they were pretty much the only friends I would open up to. And now I just feel like I’m a burden to anyone I try and talk to. Like, yeah, people try and tell me things will get better and that I’ve always got them. But they’ll never make sure I’m okay. They don’t check how things are unless I literally get their attention or message them to say “I feel SHIT”

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It’s okay to feel lonely right now. I get that. I’ve definitely been there before. It’s hard to see a happy ending. It’s hard to believe anyone great will be a part of your life again, romantically or as a best friend. These things take time. Love yourself and focus on you right now.


welcome to the heartsupport wall! it’s totally ok to feel sad in your situation. don’t hold back tears if you need to cry. were i in your shoes i can’t imagine how i would’ve reacted but it would’ve been worse.
those who abandoned you, even those who previously regarded you as friends, don’t deserve your company.
i suggest that you return to what you enjoyed doing up until now. if you haven’t got anything you enjoyed i suggest you experiment for some time. it’s never too late to do the things you love. soon you will find those that will be worth your time.
please keep writing on this forum. there will always be someone here to help you.
take care!

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Hey Jake! Thanks for reaching out, I’m sure it has been a tough time lately…

Loosing those who are closest to you is one of the hardest things in life… But in another view, relationships in life are like trees. There are those who helped build you to the person you are today, the person you will be - they are your roots, and they will stay with your forever. Then there are branches, sometimes they stay a while and sometimes they fall away - these people help shape you. Then there are leafs - these are people who come and go in life, make some impacts. Sometimes those leafs aren’t worth the energy from the rest of the tree.

Its okay to feel these emotions, let yourself feel them. Lean on those “roots” and focus on yourself, you might find stronger relationships along the way. I hope that you do know that you are never alone, whether that be someone here on HeartSupport to talk with or those in your day-to-day life.

Hoping you feel better < 3

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Listen. Unless you are a serial killer, you are worth loving. You are worth loving if you have ven any decency and care about others. If you are even on Heartsupport, you are probably worth loving, LISTEN! YOU ARE WORTH IT!