I dont think my friends care

I know it seems really petty at first but here me out. my friends wont hang out with me. they have never really hung out side of school as kid. now its been 3 month since I’ve been out of high school, all we do is play video games online and its even worse cuz i cant since they dont go to sleep since its 12 am when they stop. they always joke that they just went outside for the first time in years. and that’s scary. And when I talk about depression they say just get over it. I really just don’t know way to do. I could go on but I dont want to burden people

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They’re not real friends. Make some new friends. Go to church or social or hobby groups - ideally all three!

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You can’t expect everyone to understand about mental health. Depression & sadness are two separate things. You can’t be happy & sad or any other emotion because one emotion overrides all emotions. Yet You can be happy & depressed. Depression is like a sunny day where the only cloud in the sky blocks out the sun for only you. Emotions you can control. Depression you can’t control. It is like the weather.
You might want to find a good therapist and hash out your feelings then join a peer service agency to work on your goals or a case management agency. They both do similar things but one gives you resources while the other helps you use what you learn and apply it to your life.
A good distraction will alleviate some of the symptoms that your depression is causing you.

Some people in my family are like this. So when I’m struggling I try to learn more on the people I know that do understand mental health. It might be worth it to try and find a support group nearby. Some people do want to help though, they just lack the tools or understanding.