I don't understand what is going on

I was wondering if I could get some advise or insight from you guys. I don’t know really what is going on. I feel kinda out of place from my body or like I’m looking at my life and everything I’m doing from an outside prospective. This has happened before throughout my life but has always been like bouncing in and out of it. Normally I’ve only had this feeling of being disconnected from reality I gess for couple of minuets but in this last week I’ve found myself sitting for hours feeling like this and I don’t know what is going on. I have Bipolar and PTSD and don’t know if what ever is going on is normal with eather one of these conditions. I’d love any advise you have because I really have no idea what is going on.


I have never experienced this before, so I’m not quite sure what to say in regards to your question. But wanted to let you know I saw your post. We are here for you. With all the people on here, I’m sure there has to be somebody else who has experienced this and who can give you more insight than I can. :slight_smile: Thanks for reaching out.

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That sounds a lot like how I sometimes feel when I’m really stressed or tired. Usually I’ll feel like I’m not fully present, like I’m existing outside of myself. If someone says my name, I have to remind myself that it’s my name and that other people see me as that person (because I feel so detached, it takes me a second to remember I’m supposed to respond). And walking around I’ll feel like there’s a layer between me and the rest of the world, like I’m in a dream.

I don’t know if that sounds like what you’re feeling, but I eventually stumbled on “depersonalization/derealisation” and thought it fit what I was going through. Maybe you could look into that and see if it sounds like what you’re experiencing? Hope this helps x

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Hey @Loveinflyleaf!

I totally get where you’re coming from.
I have PTSD too and have struggled with feeling like this. I’ve had to practice doing “Grounding” a lot to help bring me back to reality. Grounding can honestly make you feel like an idiot sometimes but it’s so worth it. You basically just state out loud things around you so like “This chair is wood,” or “I am cold”. My therapist taught me that exercise and it has helped me a lot!

Hold Fast,


Thank you so much! I didn’t really know how to explain it but when I google searched denationalization it almost exactly explained whats been going on. what do you do when you feel this way to kind of get out of it? or to not feel so disconnected from reality to function in life better?

Thank you that really helps a lot! Ill need to look more into that. probably talk to my therapist about it lol. I don’t know if this happens to you but for me a lot of times I get this feeling of being disconnected from myself and don’t realize its happening until after a lot of time has passed and its really hard to come out of it. Do you know of any tricks on how notice its happening before you go to far down that rabbit trail?

It used to happen a lot more often to me, I’m on medicine now so that helps me a lot, but sometimes it still happens. I usually just try and use the grounding method to help when it does happen though.

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