I don't want to live anymore, I just want peace

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not good enough, I’ll never be good enough. I’m lonely, I’m sad, and I’m worth absolutely nothing. I give no joy to anyone. I have nothing to offer. I just wish I was dead. I hate saying that but I’m so alone, nothing is helping. I just want to be gone. I want this pain gone. It’s been too long since I have felt happy. I just want to stop feeling this stupid pressure in my chest.


Nothing works anymore. It’s hopeless, this was my last hope. This used to make me feel better when I was sad. I’m just too far gone I guess. Thanks anyways

Really, I appreciate the effort. I’m not worth it

Please stop. It’s not worth your time. I’m not worth it, if I have to I will delete the post so you don’t waste anymore time on me.

Hey friend,

Sounds like your mind is telling you a lot of dark things right now. I can see that you’re hurting but want to remind you that these dark thoughts your mind is telling you are not true.

  • You are good enough
  • You are worthy of being loved.
  • You matter
  • How you are feeling matters.
  • You deserve to be heard

I can understand how hard being alone is. It sucks when you crave to have companionship but struggle to find it. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Nor does it mean you aren’t lovable.

Hey, it’s okay to be hurting. But I want you to know that in this community you are good enough. As you are. You don’t have to impress anyone here or be in any specific way. You deserve to be loved, supported and encouraged. Because you are a person with value. Yes. It’s true.


I appreciate the help and the encouraging words but I am afraid nothing can help the way I am feeling. I am just too low. I have hit rock bottom and now I am just trying to come to terms with the fear of death. I am scared to die, I am scared of the pain. it sounds ironic when you live in pain that the thing stopping you is hurting. You and @Cp2231 are wonderful people for even wasting time on me, for a little moment I was feeling better. its my own fault I am down again. Thank you for all that you have done

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I know that you can’t see it right now, but you are not a waste of time. I am not wasting my time. I am doing what I love. And that is to reach out to those who are hurting. To remind them that they are loved, valued and cared for. That they deserve love, compassion and understanding.

You can say it a million times, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. You are not a waste of time. You aren’t a waste of space. The only thing that is true here is that you need to stop telling yourself that.

You are here for a reason. There must be a part of you deep down that knows that you are worth more than what you are feeling. You are just struggling to believe and accept it. And that’s okay. We all struggle with that sometimes.

Can we talk a little bit? Tell me some reasons why you feel you are a waste of time. Tell me what what is making you feel this way.

Its okay. I am not worth your time. I am sorry to waste it.

I think you are worth my time, and I know there are others who think you are worth it !! Most important God thinks your worth the time loves you deeply, you are alive and breathing because you have a purpose in this world. I know there is a lot of things that make us question life but trust me if you continue to persevere you will see breakthroughs even if they do not happen quickly. When you simply smile at someone while walking by you are giving someone a sense of joy. Once this coronavirus is over as you know you can join different organizations in your communities, and online like chats like this one or learn new hobbies. You are good enough, even when you do not feel like it keep telling yourself this and never forget it :slight_smile: !!

God bless and Jesus loves you !
If you need someone to talk to you can come to me and most importantly if you did not know already you can always talk to Jesus at anytime

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I am not good enough to do any of those things. I am boring, people don’t want me because I don’t have anything valuable to say. I am bad at everything I do, hobbies just make me realize how worthless I actually am. I can’t do anything right, I ruin everything. I am afraid to talk to people. Terrified. I know how much I suck and I don’t want other people to see how horrible and worthless I am. I do appreciate the thought. Please direct your thoughts towards someone who can benefit from them. I am a lost cause.

Hey! I just saw and liked your comment on someone else forum column who felt like giving up, and I wanted to tell you that your ability to have empathy and sympathy for others is a gift right there! I mean you were able to relate to that individual in such a way that you allowed them to realize that they are not alone in this world with what they are going through. I can tell you I was and I am still bad at a doing a numerous amount of things but overtime and practice somethings got better, but when your ready to talk and discuss we are here this is a judgment free place!

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I know that isn’t true. I have seen you with my own two eyes helping other people on this wall. Offering kindness, compassion, understanding and support. That matters. That is VALUE.

That show cases that you are a caring person. You have care for others. You want to help others. You see where others are hurting and you offer YOUR OWN time to give them encouragement.

That says something, gigi.

You under credit yourself.

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I am really just not worth the time. Thank you for the time you and the rest of the people here have given me already.

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Just read the conversation.

@gigichocolates You are not wasting the time of anyone. People who are replying to you are chosing to be here, to talk with you, and are doing it willingfully. I know it’s hard to understand. To accept. Lots of lie about yourself are convincing you of something different. That you are not worth it, not worth anything or anyone.

Let’s keep it simple then. You are here, so is this community. And we can try to make the best of this situation. You’re not here for no reason. You know deep inside that your pain is not what you want, and you don’t deserve to be in such a dark place right now. I’m sorry. Sorry you are feeling so alone these days to the point of questioning your existence. But being alone doesn’t mean you’d be a lost cause. It just mean… that you feel alone right now, that it hurts, that it’s uncomfortable, unpleasant. But it doesn’t mean it’s gonna to be like this forever.

The struggles you mentioned before: feeling like you ruin everything, like you are bad at everything, that you are terrified to talk to people… there are many people, right here, who can relate to that. Who’ve been feeling the same. It’s different for everyone. Because we all follow different paths. But you are not alone right now.

There are people here who care about you, who are reaching out their hands to you, and I hope with all my heart that you’ll hold on to them. That you will accept to discuss and think about what you can do, practically, and how we can help you to reduce this pressure in your chest. We need you for this.

We all have our struggles, our pains, our obstacles to overcome. But we can also try to gather our experiences to learn to be gentle with ourselves and go through this turbulent thing that is life.

I believe in you.


Hello there,

First of all I think you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone is worth is something now what is that something you have to define yourself as all of us are unique in our own way. I sincerely hope you are back to your best asap, everyday is a new day and you can start right now. You are in control of your life.

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