I feel like an anchor

I have no skills, I have no talents, I’m burnt out on the job I’ve had for so long now. I feel like I’m pulling my wife and son down and we’re drowning because of me. They’d be better off if I could vanish in a puff of smoke and not exist anymore. I know this would be easier to handle if I didn’t beat myself up and if I didn’t dislike everything about myself.

This feels like I’m rambling. I apologize, I’m new here. Sorry.

hi there, welcome.
Yes you do have skills , yes you do have talent. I feel you on feeling burnt out . that was me helping kids at my school because of my current/past situation i was/am in . let me put the truth here, No they wont be better with out you, YOU DO DESERVE TO EXIST. Let me ask you this what don’t you like about yourself? What do you like about yourself? As a human who has breath in our lungs, we will have stuff that we will or will not like about yourself. We may be our harshest judgment scale but you need to tell yourself the truth . you need to hear the truth to feel good about yourself. It takes time to get better and also patients to . If you ever need help i will be here to help you through this pain your going through.!
hold fast

Hey there,

First off, welcome! We are so happy you are here! No need to apologize, we are happy you reached out and shared this with us. Know that you are worthy. I know it is hard to see when these thoughts of doubt and thoughts of all the things you don’t like about yourself tend to get in the way, but your family would not be better off without you. I feel like when we don’t like things about ourselves, we can tend to hyper focus on them and we can start telling ourselves lies like we aren’t good enough, we don’t have talents or any skills. But those thoughts jut aren’t founded in truth. You are worthy and you are loved!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

@Guy2814 I feel and resonate with the burnt out on the job. I understand that feeling so well and what gets me pumped is learning more about my field that I had no plan of being in. I learn what are the possibilities that I can bring to the table the more I learn.

I hope you can find the peace that you are needed from your child and wife. They need you and be honest with them. Tell you wife I am not okay. Thats okay to say. It is okay to not be okay and you are already on your way to getting better. You are sharing and owning this.

Dont hate yourself brother. Start working out aim for a goals! Like “I am going to deadlift 200 - 400 LB” feels really good when you do that. If not that build something create something it helps so much.

praying for you my friend


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