I feel like crap

everything’s gone to shit. i feel like Our family is slowly dying. My dad left for the whole weekend to spend with the bitch he’s having an affair with, without a word or a text to me or my sisters. Then he comes home, my sister asks him questions, he just shushes her and says he’s tired and doesn’t bother letting me know he’s home. I’m sick of it. I feel like I’m just crumbling apart now. This morning i washed some laundry and then found I accidentally put my phone in there. everything seems just so hopeless. I hardly see my oldest sister anymore, she just stays away so she can focus on her nursing schooling. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her. I hate this. I hate my father for doing this to us. I want to scream or do something. I’m tired of feeling scared of him because he’s the strict, “my way or the highway” kind. and with my sister pressuring me to change my style (she’s very much like my dad in the ‘you have to’ strict way), it’s just like I’m being killed piece by piece. it’s all just a mess, and I feel so lonely. I have a good school, but it just seems so hard for me to make friends, Like i don’t know how. It just all hurts.

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Hi there @Bvblover16! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m so sorry that you’re going through all of that.
Making friends is definitely difficult! It’s also something that I struggle with as well.
You said you go to a good school, and maybe there are some clubs or activities that interest you that you could get involved in? Those kinds of things are a great way to help push you in the right direction to connecting with others and making friends.
Plus, those activities can help empower you and add some positive reinforcement to your life.

You talked about not having seen your oldest sister in a long time as she’s away focusing on nursing school. Maybe there’s a way you can reach out and meet with her for food or something? Even if it’s just for half an hour?

I hope things get better for you. :sparkling_heart:


Dude, that sucks sooooo fucking bad about your dad…that’s so brutal…dude, I feel so pissed off about that…what a terrible situation for you to be in :frowning: and then your phone…taking away your primary connection to other people who can support you emotionally through this all…just freaking ridiculous, man. I’m so sorry. Sounds like it’s been a really really rough weekend :\

Hello friend, thanks for reaching out.

The situation really is broken - and not having your phone anymore really doesn’t help.

If you have a good friend try to reach out, and i you can try to call your sister too. I think she misses you in the same way.

Making new friends at school is easier than you think - it just takes time. Do things step by step and you’ll soon get everything together,

Keep us updated

Pioggia :sunflower:

It looks like you give a care about your family. I say be honest with them.
Tell them how you feel. Tell your dad that you don’t agree with him and his affair but you hurt that he doesn’t let you know when he is home. (However leave it at that, don’t argue or try to convince him that he did wrong or doesn’t need to have an affair. That is his choice.) Tell your older sister you wish to see her more and that you miss her.
Tell your other sister to STFU about what you wear. You like hearing her opinion but not enjoy her nagging you about it. You’re sisters, not a couple. Your human just like her and have a style all your own that you like. Fuck others if they’re going to hate you because they don’t like it.