I feel like everything I have done is futile

Over the past 2 weeks I have seen the girl of my dreams and prayers come into my life and then walk out in the same period. I have been focusing on growing as a person and as a Christian for the past years and I feel like no matter what I have done over the past year, I am still unable to be good enough for a girl to stay and fight for me. I want to fight for her, but nothing seems to be alright anymore. I am stuck wondering why I am never good enough for someone to stay and fight for me, while all I do is want to pour out and fight for others. I’m struggling to continue following the Lord (I am a christian) when I don’t see answers. I feel so hopeless in this situation and don’t understand why this continues to happen to me.

My friend, I hear you.

I want to encourage you. I’ve been there myself. I’ve also had the girl of my “dreams” and still felt empty, wondering why “she” wasn’t enough to make the exact feelings that you described go away, even when she was fighting for me. How could I have her and still not be fulfilled I would ask myself. The answer was that she is not, and cannot be, my savior over these feelings of loneliness: that is too much to put on someone.

God wants you whole first. God wants to be the source of your worth. God wants you to KNOW His love. Fight for your relationship with him and he will fight for you, this is a promise. Focus here first. Because let me tell you, when the true woman of your dreams comes into your life, as in the one that God has for you (and trust me, he DOES have one for you), she will need you to be whole. She will need your self worth to come from God and be completely independent from her. This confidence is what will attract her to you.

You are SO worth fighting for.

I really appreciate the reply brother, that is exactly what I need to here.

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