I feel like giving up my dream

I have struggled a lot in the last 2 years with my academic progress at university. Right now I’m in the middle of taking a year off before retaking my end of year exams.
I can’t find the energy to revise for these exams or to picture going back to university in general. I still want to finish my degree but I find it hard to believe that i will be able to pass.
To do my dream I need to graduate and i’m already a few years older than you would ‘normally’ be when graduating because of mental health problems that prevented me from starting university at a normal age. I’m worried about my ability to keep up and get a job after graduating too.
I know I’m probably overthinking and that it would be the best to start revising but the anxiety around this is preventing me from starting.


University is hard, life is hard, but is worth fighting for. No exam and no subject will reflect your ability to study. If you arent good in one subject fight more to understand maybe it will be difficult but it isnt impossible . If you love what you are doing dont stop trying​:raised_hands: Because if you keep trying and trying and the end you will get it, so dont give up please :raised_hands:. There isnt an exact age to go to university people of all the age go there to study so dont worry :hugs: I believe in you :hugs: Take care​:heart:


Hello friend,
I’m sorry to hear about your current struggle at university, but I can agree with @Maisnow that it is not an easy road. Graduating takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but if it’s something you want- it’s worth the fight. You can do this! I would advise you to enjoy this year long break you have and take plenty of time for self care. Start off with studying a little at a time, you’ll get there!
In regards to being “older than the usual graduate”… well that should be the least of your worries lol EVERYONE has a different journey through university. I received my Associate’s degree at 21…but I didn’t even begin upper division classes until I was 25, because I couldn’t afford it before that age. Graduating has been one of my biggest accomplishments! Age isn’t a big deal in university; it’s just a group of adults…both young and old. We’re all students (:
Stay strong and hang in there!
Sending well wishes!