I feel like i can't trust anybody anymore. i don't want to live (trigger warning)

iv’e had trust issues for awhile, but iv’e never felt THIS. i trusted somebody… with all my problems. but… then she went and told the person that is responsible for my depression. i now feel like my life doesn’t matter at all. i told her “she is the main reason i’m depressed” but does anybody listen? NO!
now… all i think about is HANGING MYSELF! but i just really want to just leave this world. leave all the people that called me “ugly, stupid, trash…” all the people iv’e ever met just uses me! I AM TRASH… and i know it. people at school tell me this. and my friends keep leaving me! so i pretend to be fine, but i’m not! nobody hears me cry and scream for help… i’m ignored! invisible! so i want to die.


Course your not! You worth it! If your friends keep leaving you then they aren’t good enough for you! Because a true friend never let you down. It’s not you the trash, it’s them.


And despite all of this, you still standing, because, unconsciously, you know that you can have better, you know that you are better than them. You’re invisible, yes. An invisible fighter. Be proud of that. Be proud of what you are, because you’re unique and nobody can be you. You’ve abilities that no one esle has. Use it. Prove them they’re wrong. They can live without you but you’re born without them.

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Trust has to be earned; don’t be so willing to trust people if they haven’t earned it! Invisible!? Sometimes we feel invisible, and even as of a day ago someone told on this site that I was not invisible! It helped me more than that person will ever know, so invisible you are not!!’ People who belittle other people are insecure who are probably dealing with some self-image reasons themselves; they are not good sources nor would they ever be reliable in their perception of you! Stand tall! Show your beautiful soul to the world!!! Work on your physical self, too, if it will make you feel good about yourself! People always tell me I’m beautiful, and I never believe them! For some reason I can’t indulge in that! But I do indulge in knowing I’m a kind, loving person. Trash? I think not!!! Those people are wrong!

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yes, trust has to be earned. but I AM TRASH! i don’t have a beautiful soul.

Hey @onlyhuman,

You have every right to be mad, pissed, sad, disappointed, angry. But please, don’t turn that anger against yourself. You were misunderstood and treated poorly by people around you. That’s not fair. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. Though, for what it’s worth, the people who insulted you were certainly struggling too. But don’t let their voices be your truth. Don’t let that happen. You know, objectively, that you shouldn’t have been treated that way. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel how you feel right now. Then stand up for yourself. Be a friend to yourself. By keep on living, fighting, existing.

You did the right thing by posting here. It’s a first step. You also did the right thing by trying to talk to this person you mentioned. Maybe it didn’t produce the result you expected. But this particular situation doesn’t question your worth nor who you are. Yes, you are beautiful as you are. Yes, you have a lot to offer and receive from this world, this life. But also, yes, sometimes our environment is not supportive while we expect it to be. Then, right now, know that this comumnity is here for this very reason. To remind you that you are not alone. That we all go through some tough times in our lives, but in the midst of darkness there is still hope. You are not alone. You are loved. Those truths goes beyond any circumstance in your life. It goes beyond what has been told to you before. Those hateful words doesn’t define you.

Please, if you feel like you’re spiraling, use a crisis line:

What can you do today to clear your mind and rest a little? Is there anything you enjoy, any activity that could warm your heart right now? Try to be kind to yourself, friend. You only deserve tons of love and compassion right now. :hrtlegolove: