I feel like I want to die, but I’m so scared

I’ve already shared, so burdened I can’t trust God or haven’t, if I die I’m going straight to hell, I tune 22 in 4 days and, burdened of being jobless, and numbed because I feel so alone and memories of being beaten and tormented for 16 years of my childhood by my dad and my stepmom, I don’t want to live I’ve tried to the hospital they just only care about their paycheck, I’m tired of being alone I’ve wanted to mean something to someone but I don’t, Waters so deep it’s too hard to keep treading. I can’t take life I’ve had thought of dying all day, I can’t stop crying I just want life to be better even when I smoke weed and have acid I feel like shit afterwards I can’t believe I’m doing acid… nothing will be ok I’m just waiting for my end, I can’t end it because I just want to see life change from hell. I don’t know what to do with myself


Hey life is a jerk isn’t it? Well i can tell you one thing. You are not alone. I’ve been through this stuff. It certainly ain’t easy in the least. Not sure if people can message on here but if so, go ahead and shoot me a message. I got your back!

Hey @Fishers15 - I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a really hard time right now. Remember that God is a God of unconditional love, and he loves you no matter what you do. You’re strong. You’re going through a difficult season right now but I need you to hang in there. We believe in you! You got this.

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