I feel like I've been walking in circles

Recently I’ve just felt out of it. I have no energy. I have no will to do the things I love. I loved going for walks or long drives, now I don’t. I used to love playing video games all the time, and now I just get bored of them. I feel like I’m living every day the same and nothing is changing. My depression is back again and I just don’t know what to do this time. I’ve been ignoring my well being and it’s finally taking its toll. I either sleep way too much or not at all. I either eat too much or barely anything. My days are rather uneventful, often times I don’t even leave my room. And when I do, I’m in my basement. It feels like everything I have to do and want to do seem way too tasking.

I just don’t see the point in a lot of things anymore. Like, I want to do things with my life, go places, meet new people, find the right girl, see new things. But I always circle back to my same issue. I get irritated because of it because I know I could do it, I know I could meet new people. And it also plays into the reason why I’m not confident with anything and it’s left me lonely. It left me feeling like I’m not good enough. Like I don’t deserve happiness. And I’ve just been moping about it.

I just want this feeling of constant emptiness and loneliness to stop.


hey eververse, im similar to you in lot of ways. you’re not alone, hold fast. :hearts: :peace_symbol:

I can point out several things that might be sapping your energy. Do you have a set time to go to bed or wake up. Believe it or not having a set time for these contributes to energy lose. Having a wake up/bedtime schedule is more important than most people realize. A lot of times just setting a time for sleep/awaking can conserve energy you need because you have a routine where your body says “okay we’re getting up and moving at this time.”

Another thing could be seasoned. Around winter time, depression kicks in for a lot of people. The reason is mainly vitamin D. If you don’t get enough rays from the sun (use to be almost everybody would be outside) then this adds or triggers your depression because certain chemicals get depleted. Most people can resolve this by buying a “sun lamp”. (I do not mean a tanning bed either) Also, are you getting to expend your energy? If you don’t have an active day then, believe it or not, you are still brimming with energy which contributes to your sleeping problem. I use to have this problem so I started forcing myself to walk, exercise or clean my house constantly for at least one hour & a half every day. So when it comes time to sleep. I can find what little rest I can.
Another thing that could help is taking a multivitamin along with extra vitamin A, D & C. And if you want to target energy specifically, B6 & B12. (Yet I strongly advise seeing your doctor if you take medication. Believe it or not, depending on the meds a simple dose of a vitamin could counter the effectiveness of certain meds.)
How you are eating could be the reason as well. If your meals don’t have at least 3 out of all the food groups. You’ll be starved all the time and your body will go into lockdown mode where it conserves energy. (I’m dieting because binge eating/emotional eating has always been an issue of mine) I found out the reason I always felt hungry was that I would only eat meat and bread or pasta. I wasn’t eating a well-balanced meal. So I would be starving within two hours even though I may have eaten 4 to 6 slices of pizza (now I might eat 1 slice a pizza with some veggies, peanuts or seeds, fruit & usually I drink water). I found now that I balanced my meals out that I’m not hungry all of the time.
Another factor is eating too much. I use to be a fast eater. I would take a bite a food and almost immediately swallow it. (The average person chew 15 to 25 times. If a person has an unhealthy BMI/weight as I did. They stretch out their stomach some. It can get to a point where the indicators that send the message to your brain telling you that you’re full has stopped working. So ignoring the fact you’re hungry might be wise if you’re in my kind of predicament.) Eating too much might also cause problems with your energy intake. Having problems transferring & transforming energy can contribute to sleeping problems.

Then again maybe it is 100% could just be the issue you have. Sometimes nothing can be done depending on the predicament. (I am in no way a professional. I’ve just done a lot of searching and consulted a few while I was trying to both lose weight & fix my sleeping/energy issues)

(I know this is a wall of text. Sorry. I just want to give some possibilities to direct your method of fixing this problem. I’ve tried them all and do them.) I hope you find your solution.

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Let me just point out something “. It left me feeling like I’m not good enough. Like I don’t deserve happiness.” your lieing to YOURSELF, the truth is you ARE good enough, and you DO deserve happieness. You may be going through a rough bump in the road but tbh please dont “beat yourself up” cause your life is precious and worth living.
i just want to finish this by saying even if theres bumps in the road, fill the bumps with steps of something you want to find that may make you feel better i know it will take time but, WE want you to be better. your are loved and you’re worth it.


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I think you have a lot of good foundation here to make a really positive change for yourself.

Here is our perspective - I genuinely hope this helps. If we can do anything else, let us know.

Hold fast my friend