I feel like no one wants to know me as a person

I’m Lea Beckman I was at warped tour on July 22 2018 in Canterbury park, Shakopee, Minnesota. I love coming here. I notice Heart support chart and I have my own issues in my life, I have Autism and I don’t fit in and I feel left out. I try to make effort to talk to friends by calling and message them on Facebook no one reply. Accept family they do reply. I just feel like my hopes goes down whenever I try to make a friend. My gut feeling is telling me this person is not interested.

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If your friends dont want to talk to you, there are plenty of people here who I’m sure would love to be your friend, myself included. We can message if you’d like

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I second this. You have such a huge supporter section here, Lea. If those people don’t want to talk, it’s their loss, because I’m sure you’re a great person who has a lot of unique stories and exciting things to talk about!

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Hi Lea,

Welcome to Heart Support! I’m glad you found the community, and hope you find the love and support here that the rest of us have. We’re happy you’re here, and looking forward to getting to know you.

I’m sorry you’re feeling alone, nobody likes that feeling. I can tell you that you are loved and valued, and you’ll find plenty of us here who want to talk to you.

Sending love.
<3 AnitaBandaid

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Hi Lea. Thank you for posting and joining us! I’m sorry that your friends aren’t treating you well. I know it sucks not to have real friends around you physically - I too have a lack of that. I’ve found real family and friendship within this community. I know you can too. Look into joining the discord and come to the streams. Start to interact with more people. You can always private message me. I may be in the UK but I’m always happy to make new friends anywhere.

Hold fast

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Thanks for replying me. :slight_smile: I try not to annoy anyone when I make a friend but whenever I feel like talking to anyone I can see in their face I’m not worth it so try to think fast and say something interesting.


Thank you for replying me :slight_smile: I found this when I was at warped tour. I notice all the messages and I’m like wow! Im similar to them. Also I like your name Anita that’s my grandmother name as well. I miss her dearly.


I keep hoping they would reply but I know they are busy with work and friends but it would be nice “ hey lea wanna meet up? we need to catch up and I know you are not Christian and accept that” that’s what I want to hear from my church friends but I never get that kind of message. :pensive:

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I’ll think about streams and I hope my iPhone can handle stream. I sometimes use Live me app.


Surround yourself with new friends. Find friends who have similar interests or beliefs that you do, but don’t close yourself off to your Christian friends completely. Sometimes you have to take the extra step, like Ben recently posted in his newest article. Reach out to them and ask them to make plans, otherwise they may just be too busy and just forget to be a social human too, it does happen when you’re so busy, that you forget to have a life outside of work.

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Dear Lea,

I feel for your struggle. I also have a very hard time acting and socializing the way most people do. I am not diagnosted or anything but always felt very outside the social norms in terms of behaviour. I was never able to do small talk, or ask random questions to strangers and mostly preffered to focus on my own work, which resulted in me not having many friends in life.

If you ever feel like talking feel free to pm me. :slight_smile:

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Hey @MsBeckman,

Welcome to HeartSupport! We’re glad that you’re here and we’d love to talk with you and to get to know you as a person! HeartSupport also streams on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/heartsupport. If you’re into Discord, they also have a Discord chat too. If you like reading, HeartSupport also offers a couple of amazing books to read. Please keep in touch with us! We love hearing from you! :slight_smile:


Hello Lea

I am so glad you have found heartsupport. I am also glad you got to enjoy warped tour. I went to the July 19th. I really enjoyed it and I got the chance to meet some long friends that I have known for a year and let me just say you are not alone in the getting hopes down etc… I also feel like that a lot. I have never been diagnosed with Autism I have a lot of the characteristics a lot of my other issues though can be confused with it so we arent sure if that is what it is or just piece of that but stronger. So I feel you there. I also try to make friends and my mom keeps trying to say make people around you instead of online or not in your own state. I am like uh a lot easier than you thing. I get the whole this person is not interested sometimes we just have to not trust our gut and push forth and hope it was not true. I really hope here you dont find that. I know that seems easier said than done but believe me it might be hard but you do have people here that hopefully will become good good friends.

Hold fast,

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Hey Lea!

Welcome to the group - I’d love to be your friend. I’m so glad you had an awesome time at Warped Tour. It’s always a blast - and hot.

You are worthy. You are loved.

  • Justine
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